Ghosting when panning the view around

Same here!
It’s really annoying watching a takeoff on a cloudy day…

yep this is back and makes the sim look like garbage

Noticed the issue a few weeks ago. Tried playing with refresh rate and Gsync. Did not help. It is too distracting when the Cessna engine cowling sinks in turbulence.

The ghosting still exists in SU10 Beta, really ugly when taxiing and looking at the light poles when clouds are behind. Destroys the overall Immersion significantly.

What a bad new. I was hoping that the SU10 would remedy this issue.
It would be interesting to know what the cause of the problem is and even if Asobo does not release a definitive solution, to be able to minimize the problem.

I, at the time, sent a ticket through Zendesk, warning of the issue. It would be interesting if you did the same, in addition to voting on the topic, this way Asobo will take it more into account.

I saw this video today and it shows a lot of Ghosting. (By the way… the sound is amazing).

I hope Asobo will fix it soon.

There is terrible ghosting now on Xbox as well, as soon as I have video uploaded i will open a thread about it. You basically see double image as soon as you start panning the camera. It makes my head hurt.

3080 Ti

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Click here and see in the video the defect found in MSFS 2020

Ryzen 7 5800x3d
32 Gb RAM 3200 mhz
RTX 3080 12GB
Monitor 1440p 120 hz (DisplayPort 1.4)
Fonte 850W 80 plus gold
Windows 10

Does anyone know if and when Asobo are going to fix this? I have the same issue as shown in these videos but thought it was my system.

the moderators have closed my similar topic, however i would say in my original thread i was primarily adressing the issue inside the cockpit:

still have no fix for that, but what has improved it, was the to disable VSYNC (locked at 30fps). now there is no fps limit anymore. this resultet in a more lower frametime which helped a bit.

Don’t forget that ghosting is one of the inherent drawbacks of DLSS particularly the high performance modes. Nvidia are bringing improvements by the end of the quarter so hopefully this is one of them.

do you mean, that when DLSS ist turned of the ghosting should be gone?

however, have in mind that some ppl are using AMD.

I don’t using dlss and also i have this issue. It’s annoying.

During the last weeks, it seemed that it had disappeared, but yesterday, after the last update, I have seen it again.
I don’t use DLSS.

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I just installed this on Xbox series x and I am seeing it as well.

hi, did anyone come back with a answer on how to get rid of the issue.
I am having ghosting when panning around in the cockpit. i have deleted everything and reinstalled msfs clean the problem still persist.
i only use TAA
This as only happened since the last update last week and cant seem to fix the problem


Following if someone has a solution. I’ve had this always, especially visible when taxiing on cloudy day. It helps a bit if I switch to DLSS but then I don’t like the way it blurs the instruments.

Oh yeah I’ve had this since I started on the sim a couple years ago. It’s amazing how many times I’ll click on a thread and see that these issues have been around for years. 15 sim updates in and I’m yet to see ONE improvement to the sim.