Gigabyte AORUS FO48U 48" 4K 120Hz 1ms FreeSync Premium OLED Gaming Monitor

Has anyone purchased the above monitor?
If so, what is your opinion?
I am currently using a Samsung 55" 4k Tv, and want to make sure that I am not throwing good money away.

I have it. Absolutely love it! I do more night flights now, than I would ever do with my 43 inch Philips IPS monitor. True Blacks, which is what OLED is all about.

Make sure you’re running on the latest firmware for the monitor (F06 I believe), turn G-sync on, and in the sim options, run it at 50% refresh (for 60 FPS max). Yes, it has a 120hz refresh rate, but in night flying there is a flicker that is noticeable when the sim goes over 60hz. This may be addressed in a future FW update. There is a reddit post on how to update the FW and avoid issues, as Gigabyte instructions are a bit vague.

Being an oled there are certain precautions you may want to take- loads of YT videos and tutorials out there on how. I’ve had mine for over 4 months and average over four hours a day, and have zero burn-in issues for the record.

The monitor does have built-in protections, but some people get confused as to how they work. The monitor has a standby mode when the PC is shut down. My advice is leave it in standby, otherwise the pixel refresh routine, gets prompted too frequently. Leave it in standby, and only turn it off, when the monitor itself prompts you to do a pixel refresh routine, which is every four to six hours of use. It takes about 5 mins, and when the standby light is no longer flashing you can turn it on again.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me.

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I’m no expert, but using in-sim V-sync in combination with G-sync sounds counter-productive? Personally, I limit FPS in nVidia Control Panel because it allows me to fine tune it to what my system is capable of achieving consistently an avoid the dreaded “limited by main thread”.

Thanks for your input mate, appreciate it. Looks like I’ll be giving my wallet some air.

Curious whether you ever considered, or would consider an ultrawide OLED?

I use Trackir, which tends to lend itself to a large viewing area.

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The Aorus FO48 supports ultrawide resolutions, and because of its overall size of 48 inches would actually be bigger, than other ultrawide monitors out there except a particular 49 inch samsung ultrawide monitor. A 34 inch ultrawide monitor would have a substantially smaller picture than a 48 inch 16:9 set to ultrawide resolutions. So why not have the best of both worlds?

If using ultrawide resolutions on an Aorus FO48U, you would have black bars above/below the picture, however being an OLED the bars would be pure black devoid of any light bleed, and therefore cause no distractions. see here: My New Gaming Monitor - AORUS FO48U - YouTube

I have zero regrets with this panel.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you for entertaining my question!

In my case with msfs and my monitor, I turn V-sync on in the sim and set frame limiter in MSFS at 50% refresh, (in my case that is 60hz/ monitor is capable of120hz) in order to eliminate flicker in dark areas of the monitor during night flights when FPS exceeds 60. This will make absolutely no difference or hinder G-sync in any way, on the contrary, it creates steady frame pacing and cadence. Who needs over 60fps in the flight sim anyway?

Why the flicker? Could be a flaw with the monitor/firmware. it is not noticeable in any other game, and not noticeable during flights in daylight. I only use v-sync with MSFS for the aforementioned reason.

I don’t. In fact, the reason I use G-sync with NVCP FPS limiter, and not V-sync, is that it allows me to fine-tune max FPS to something that almost eliminates the dreaded Limited by Main Thread, which with my hardware is 39. At least that’s what I have it set at, currently.

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