GKS Mig-21Bis

Tell me it’s a Mig 25 ?? :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for the patch status. As an other user said, this does look like a MiG cockpit, and seems to closer to MiG-25ish. That would be quite fascinating.

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The Mig25 is my absolute favorite Russian aircraft. Of course, it’s mostly visual appeal, but I love the “beast” outlook this plane has. Somehow, it impresses me way more than the Mig31. Not sure how to explain it.
I’m really looking forward to it, hoping to feel the same amount of “challenge” that I get from the Mig21.


I was hoping for a MiG-23, but while this cockpit looks similar, it’s not identical.

Foxbat would be amazing :star_struck:

looking forward to the update. can you please do an update of the croatian livery, the lower part of the plane is not blue but gray like the upper part. thanks

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Awesome! This is being built fully native to MSFS2020? I’m so excited for a MiG-25! I hope you consider a Mig-29, or SU-25 next!

Is that a MiG-25 I spy? :eyes:

Have you guys considered making a public community discord server for GKS? Most flightsim devs seem to operate them now for teasers and updates and it would be nice to be able to get yours on the same platform as well.

another week . no mig 21 update

Apologies for the delay, the release of the MiG-21 update is our top priority at the moment. We’ve decided to include fixes related to the afterburner logic and overall the engine performance at different altitudes in to the update. It’s been quite a challenging task that has encountered several new issues. We hope to resubmit the update for retesting at MicrosoftMP next week.


No problems, please take your time to do the nice update this plane deserves ! :sunglasses:
(and don’t forget to make the wings payload visible from the VC :wink: )

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No worries! Take your time and make it as good as can be!