Glacier fields in Patagonia


It’s a crazy feeling to fly for 2 hours in the 152, thinking you’ve made a whole journey (240km after all), then landing, looking at the map, and realising there’s the whole world ahead of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How true… :slight_smile:

Where are these glaciers exactly?

They are located in southern Chile and Argentina. If you fly just to the east of the mountains along the lakes heading north you will see many (the red line). Below that pic is part of the flight plan I used…most seen between WP1 and WP5. Cheers.

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You are correct! So many places and things to see… : )

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I have the opposite :grimacing:

FS2020 make me realize How incredible small the world is. Never had that feeling with fsx.

Probably because now i am much more VFR flying and more aware of stuf and towns i see.

I live in the netherlands … spain sounds a long way … 3 to 4 hours in a prop plane and i’m there …

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Glacier Viedma, Glacier Perito Moreno and Glacier Piedras Blancas, if I’m not mistaken. I love living in Argentina to see all of this, but unfortunately there are some missing spots like Fitz Roy hill (next to Piedras Blancas), which is a beautiful needle-like mountain.

Hope someday we got an update on Patagonia.

When you get up close to them…

One of my biggest wow moments of the sim!


Well … flying over Belgium must be even faster then :slight_smile: