Glass Half Empty!

It would appear a lot the community are glass half empty people.


Why do you think that is? Could it be we are witnessing what was a fairly buggy release state going backwards perhaps? Sheesh…


So far I am one of the lucky ones with the new patch but I do sympathise with those having problems.

I do wonder though if some people (obviously not all or even the majority?) are still using pre patch mods which could be contributing to some issues. I actually had about 22 gb of freeware stuff in my Community Folder which I completely cleared out and emptied. Maybe it’s placebo but the sim now loads up a lot quicker and I am having very few issues. One screen lock up yesterday near Paris but nothing since.


Agreed. I’m another of the lucky ones that has had hardly any issues that weren’t there before. Weather and AP are still a bit hit and miss but it’ll be sorted. I had one CTD when I tried to enter a flight plan on the Garmin in the C208 but thats it. I’ve also noticed a big improvement in loading times and performance overall.

To the OP, I think it’s just the self absorbed, fake news, clickbait world we live in these days. People seem to find more “joy” getting outraged or upset than they do being happy and content. It’s all bass-ackwards to me.


And, it would appear quite a lot are glass half full people.

There wouldn’t be such discussion if the glass was truly full isn’t it?


And the more hyperbole, levels of disproportionate moral outrage and embellishment the self entitled can throw in the hat the better apparently.

My glass is more than half full, even with the issues we have as it stands with this sim. More than happy with what we’ve got so far with 44hrs in and counting. It’s a good place to be. I’d hate to be that person who is so triggered because an engine on a plane wont work that they want to scream and shout the place down.

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My last “flight sim” was F117A Stealth Fighter on the Amiga in around 1994 so I’m still struggling to comprehend the awesomeness of MSFS. There are some irritations and annoyances which will be addressed in time, but the big picture is insanely good.

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Indeed; wow that’s a blast from the past F117, showing your age there chief👍. Just VFR flown up the coast of Italy in an area I’ve not been to in the steam guage Cessna 172 and loved it, same as most flights. Havn’t touched half the aircraft I got at release yet and a list as long as your arm of places to visit and things to do. Being labelled as having ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ sure is tough😂

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Nice! That was my first ‘flight sim’! Landing could be a bit tricky at 1fps or worse as I recall. Hiding behind the orange pointy mountains was fun though!

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Snaking through the radar areas was so tense, and so fun!

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I’m a glass half full / three quarters full person myself .

Is the game perfect : no .
Will the game be perfected : yes .
Should people be calm and patient : yes .

Are people entitled to an opinion : yes .
Are opinions always right : no .

Should people send in support tickets to help developers iron out bugs : in my opinion , yes .

In modern times , 99% of games released require patches at some stage or another . It’s just a fact of life .

I recall , back in 1984 , when I started gaming , having to load games from cassette players ( some took at least 20 mins ) . Also , sitting at the keyboard , typing BASIC coding from a book , for approximately one hour , to watch a small yellow duck , fly from one side of the screen , to the other .

Imagine the tears nowadays if people were asked to perform the above mentioned !! LoL !!

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Glass half full or empty is immaterial. It has the same amount of liquid in it!

Glass is ALWAYS full. Half beer and half air. Sometimes half water and half air. But always full :upside_down_face:


Did you get Compute magazine? I remember typing in programs from there to my Commodore 64. After playing with the program for awhile I had to turn the computer off and lost it all. Later I got the tape drive and I could save the games. Finally I got the 1541 disk drive and got Sublogic FS2 for christmas from my wife.

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… The sense of anticipation when typing in the code from the magazine was incredible! Happy memories form my youth…

Up to patch 2, I always saw the half-full glass.
And still I’m.
But as everything in life, there is a limit. Configuration and sensitivity is something that needs to work to flight, for a lot of people, no workaround.
I would expect that specific bug to be solved at least today.
Anyway, I’m here for the long run anyway, just mho.

Gents you’re showing your age and I salute you👍 Vic 20 and C64 vet here too. Bought my first proper PC back in the early 90’s pre Internet days and had to write my own boot disk from monrhly magazine articles to get US Navy Fighters to run. Happy days.

Ha, never thought of it like that !

So, neither a pessimist nor an optimist.

You must be a realist ! :relaxed:

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Nailed it!!

The purpose of this forum is to focus on MSFS and give feedback on this sim.

This thread somewhat lies close to being outside of this scope.

Feedback and comments on MSFS are encouraged in other relevant threads.