Glide scope capture San Francisco

I don’t know what issue he is describing, perhaps veered off topic. The issue by the original poster here concerns the bug in the Neo flightplan/MCDU, not a missing ILS freq at SFO, just for clarification.

I replied to @GBRsaysPianoman.

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That’s a fair cop. I’ll shut up.

I need to try it again, as originally I thought I was just too high and missed the glide scope.

So many posts now that I have got lost with it all, did you or someone else say that the frequency was indeed missing for runway 28R.

Also what is this about Cepin approach, is this a waypoint I can add on the world map?

Ignore the above I just seen on world map that Cepin is a waypoint on ILS approach

Just a point on the ILS 28R glide scope capture, the chart below says to be at 3000ft and then 1800ft, at what point should I be able to capture the glide scope, it looks like I need to descend to 1800ft?

You should be able to intercept the GS between 10-15NM.
For a 3° GS the formula: distance x 3 = altitude applies.
On my screenshot you can see that if you are at CEPIN at 3000ft, you are slightly below the GS.

1800ft is AXMUL, the FAP, final approach point. That’s where the ILS approach ‘officially’ starts.

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Capture it the latest at AXMUL at 1800ft if you haven’t captured already earlier btw CEPIN and AXMUL.

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Ok, all a lot to take in, I guess 3000ft is a good altitude to be generally for most ILS approaches?

The runway chart a lot further up this thread had me confused see, as it says 5000ft and then 2800ft.

The ILS 28R charts shows that you should be already at DUMBA at 3000ft.
You usually want to fly level before GS intercept.

AXMUL would be a bit too late to intercept the GS.

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No you can not generally say that 3000ft altitude is correct for most ILS. It depends on the elevation of the airport and the approach angle. For example: what if your airport lies above 3000ft on a mountain?

Follow the ILS charts which I and you linked. All the info is there. No need to construct some weird rule.

I think it’s obvious that 3000ft means AAL. (above aerodrome level)

Yes. Fair enough height (AAL)

What weird rule?

ILS altitude 3000ft. I think you cleared it up for the OP saying AAL.

Ok so what about the below runway at KSFO if i’m at 5000ft, would I capture glide scope?

Simply use the above rule and you will know it. :wink:

DUMBA (3000ft) is the first waypoint which is on the extended runway centerline, hence it’s the important point for the GS interecept.

You usually don’t descend on the GS without the LOC being captured first, hence the higher altitudes don’t apply.

Between shake and berks latest at an altitude of 2800ft.

And in this case the math is easy as SFO lies pretty much at sea level it is also equivalent to AAL, confirming the rule of thumb which PZL104 posted.

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Ah, so I need to manually descend, I was thinking if Im at 5000ft and press APP button it should start automatically taking me down on the glide scope.

At 5000ft you are so far offset that the LOC most likely doesn’t even capture.
As mentioned above, normally you only descend on the GS with a centered LOC.

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Just to make sure, the rule of thumb always works with a 3° GS, it’s independent of the airport elevation.