Glide scope capture San Francisco

Yes I know. I think I distinguished btw altitude and AAL in my post above. Thanks for confirming

Do you understand the difference between altitude (as shown in the charts) and AAL and the connection to the GS3deg rule?

It can be confusing for beginners.

So much for my memory. But have a day off so spent a lot of time this morning on this.

Once you hit the correct altitude/speed 3000/145 for Cepin, select the Approach button, the altitude lit must be OFF, not ON like I said before. ON is for maintaining a level plane which is obviously not what you want. Then select LS on both the knob (Rose) and the button below. Plane will (should) start the glide slope.

Tried 4 different ways to do the proper ILS landing. First, created the flight plan in Main Menu, second, started C&D and created the flight plan on the MCDU for both departure/arrival, third, same as above but only departure setup on MCDU then in flight setup the arrival, then the 4th way was to do a missed approach and fly back to Cepin as DIRECT for another attempt. All 4 we’re successful.

The only “issue” was after hitting Cepin the 2nd time during missed approach attempt, the plane didn’t continue on the approach. It went to the previous waypoint, Archi. I had to “Clear” Archi and Dumba first then it would continue with the approach from Cepin.

Maybe my issue before was user related. Anyway good luck!

One more question, you are using the A320 Fly By Wire mod correct?

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145 is very slow. At 3000ft you are usually still in clean configuration with the flaps and gear up.

If you are in level flight altitude mode is ON. Only one vertical mode at a time can be active.
As soon as the GS is captured, the altitude mode is automatically cancelled.

The LS button only displays the ILS data. Nothing else. It should be selected latest at the final stages of the descent before approaching the ILS.

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Not at all, lol.

I will get there, Im trying to find some good tutorial videos as well to help.

Thanks for the info. I’m on xbox so don’t think I can get that A320 fly by wire mod.