Glider forum

I’m really looking forward to the official support of gliding.

I imagine gliding might be fairly niche for most people. It would be good to have a separate forum dedicated to gliding so that gliding-related posts don’t get lost in the noise of the other forums. It would make it easier for people interested in gliding to find all the relevant content.


As long as it doesn’t get gate-keeped by those who consider anybody not interested in tasking/races to be lower forms of life, I’d welcome it also.

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Topic moved into General Discussion for forum feedback. The wishlist subcategory is for wishes in MSFS and not forum related. :+1:

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Agreed. Hopefully, the people who are very knowledgeable about gliding will be able to help all the people who are new to it and are trying it for the first time after the 40th Anniversary release.


I have just had a 40th anniversary of gliding! I will cast my glider pilot critical eye over the new update with the gliders! :grin:



may be a dumb question, but does anyone know when glider support will be added to Xbox?? I’d love to have a tow plane!

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Real life glider experience, co-pilot on this forum and more than happy to help/instruct.
Just sent me a DM.
I also started streaming some MSFS glider video’s. Not yet with comments but if there is interest i might pick that up as well.
I also can recommend watching some youtube vids about gliders. Helps a lot. Especially if you want to start doing some x country flights or competitions.


+1 from me.
On facebook there is a group “MS flight simulator gliders” dedicated purely to msfs gliders and already, even before official gliders support it has 1352 members. So such glider subforum will definatelt find its members.

Glider pilots can give very precise feedback about weather issues in msfs - like about thermals in su11beta [6] Improved atmospheric simulation with a big focus on Thermals and general tweaks for the CFD


I’m sure gliding will be enough of a thing with the new support in MSFS that a sub-forum here would make a lot of sense.

Personally, I am quite happy to read and discuss gliding and helicopters on this forum and don’t really need sub forums for them. I happily fly and discuss all types and have no problem if it gets a bit jumbled up. In all honesty, gliding and helicopter chat will die down after the first few weeks anyway.

If others prefer it separated, that’s OK, but not my preference.

Personal Comments

The opinion below is my own

I don’t think a category is needed for gliders. If we did that-then we would need a Helicopter category, Boat category, etc.

I think the best option is a tag. If you need support for gliders, then look through the posts that have the glider tag.

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Fair enough. For me, I think a helicopter forum would be good too. Boats would be going too far, no one flies a boat. I don’t really know what the “etc.” in your post refers to.


I personally would like to see both a GLIDER and a HELICOPTER section in the forum, so that those interesting in those specific subjects had a place to communicate, without their posts getting hidden and mixed up with other aspects of the Sim.


Some do … and have great fun doing so :grinning:


After some flight testing gliders in SU11 I even more am for adding dedicated to gliders subforum - there are many sim mechanics - like nav computer, winch/tow launch, weather settings and visualization, flight tactics that are very important in learing to fly gliders correctly in the sim and are completly unimportant for powered flight pilots. In general forums those topics will simply sink and will be very hard to find for novice glider pilots.


I’m not a glider pilot in real life or in the game, but I think there should be a glider section for those interested in such.


how do i change the speed units from kmh to knots in both gliders

For anyone looking for ‘Air Brakes’ - they appear to be called ‘Toggle Spoilers’


Well, we can learn how much it’s needed the easy way or the hard way…

Gliders (as well as helicopters) are, by far, unique enough - including all the considerations of gliding - to warrant its own group.

If it doesn’t happen here, it’ll happen elsewhere. Wouldn’t you rather keep members here?