Glider, sailplane, soaring, please!

I believe you need to have a working version of fsx to get the default gauges used by these aircrafts. Then you can import them.

I believe the aerosoft gliders have working gauges because they don’t use the default ones and come with their own :wink:

I can confirm this works in FS2020, we can now winch launch ! Note there is no 3d model for the winch…

Where can I download this and the whinch?

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It got quiet about gliders and thermals…

Well. There is still progress. The DG808S has one working cockpit instrument.

But for big progress we hav to wait for Asobo/Microsoft. Opening the weather system for 3rd party and/or do it by FS2020 manufacturer.

Would love to see the good old SGS2-33A in MSFS :wink:

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What about the SG-38 :anchor:

I’ve seen your conversion, something wrong with the gauges - they all should work except route computer

I downloaded Paul’s one and indeed there is only one gauge, could you upload your glider?
Thank you

You just need to process panels through Legacy Importer.

Thank you for your reply,
I downloaded the latest version of Legacy Importer, I tried everything, including importing the panel, it is in the airplane panel, but every time FS2020 crashes, when it was working before .
I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this.
If you could send your glider to me by a cloud it would let me see what is not working.
Jean Pierre

you couldn’t use anything except Panels -> Import gauges button. use it on downloaded glider and you will be ok, if nothing changed since last MSFS update (which is possible)

thank you,
I’m going to stop for now, with each glider, the ones I took on FSX as well as Paul’s, FS2020 crashes all the time. I think this is after the last update.

try to remove engine.0 value from aircraft.cfg or engines.cfg (if it exist)
I have noticed that value cause black screen in latest version.

I just did what you asked me and FS2020 is still crashing

I would love to see a Jonkers JS-3 Rapture. Really nice finish (one of the sleekest gliders I have ever seen) and some cool details.

I wondered if slope lift was modeled and I now reckon it is. I flew this Bleriot addon which manages about 50 FPM climb if I don’t breathe and fly very carefully. I circled fields avoiding trees etc for ages, eventually got as far as a local soaring hill then set a decent wind & gusts blowing against it. Got it up to here without too much fuss.

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Ridge lift is simulated since 18.Aug.2020, the first version I know. There are updrafts and downdrafts.

Is 50 fpm realistic for the Bleriot? I read it had a 25 hp engine.

Obviously that is approximate and with such low rates of climb it is highly dependent on what lift/sink/turbulence/sideslipping etc we encounter. If you visit the Old warden website you can see a talk by Rob Millinslip about hopping the Bleriot along the runway and how Neil Williams once almost managed a ‘cross country’ into the neighbouring fields (round the trees) - like I did for that shot - in his case, conditions were not so good and on his way back there was a closed gate that = prang. But when in slope lift on that other flight look what I was getting !

I just moved an old wish for the HK-36 Super Dimona into the wishlist board.

Please give it a vote if you would like to have a motor glider!

HK-36 Super Dimona

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