Glider, sailplane, soaring, please! [Feature Requests]

Hello everybody. At the moment there is no glider or sailplane available. Please raise your voice if you - like me - love flying without engine.
The sad thing after playing FS2020 for two days at 20.Aug.2020 is that there is no thermals weather model. And without thermals no soaring and no fun with a glider model. The best solution would be that both thermals weather model and sailplane model come from the same source. And the very best would be to get it free from Microsoft :smile: .
Update 22.Aug.: I did some ridge lift gliding with Cessna 152 near KAFF. See
Update 11.Sep.: I converted the Aerosoft FSX sailplane ASK21-Mi to FS2020. Thanks to Chris Evans - Nodd and Alex Marko. The result you see on
Update 13.Sep.: FS2020 version has NO convergence zone thermals. I use the converted FSX ASK21-Mi model near LPPR in Portugal. See FS2020 ASK21-Mi no convergence zone thermals - YouTube Please improve Microsoft/Asobo!
Some ridge lift gliding with ASK21-Mi FS2020 ASK21-Mi sailplane U14 ridge lift gliding - YouTube
Update 15.Sep.: I used FSX:SE and CumulusX to make a thermals soaring video. See FSX ASH25 LPPR sailplane thermal soaring CumulusX - YouTube and WinchX to make a winch start. See FSX ASH25 LPPR sailplane winch start WinchX - YouTube
Update 16.Sep.: Wolfgang Piper has the “Schulgleiter SG-38” glider which converts nicely from FSX to FS2020. See my slip landing FS2020 SG-38 glider LXGB slip landing - YouTube

Update 18.Sep.: My aircraft selector in FS2020 has some entries from converted FSX sailplanes. See FS Segler Teil 2 for Lo 150.

Update 25.Sep.: I made available the Ka6E and ASK 23 sailplane and SG-38 glider from Wolfgang Piper as FS2020 model. See my webpage MSFS 2020 sailplane

Update 29.Oct.: Winch start is working - a little. See FS2020 Ka 6 E sailplane WinchX! start - YouTube . Thanks to Peter Lürkens for FSX WinchX! and thanks to Keith Bedford to discover it.

Update 16.No.: I can do snap roll now with Pitts S-2S. See FS2020 Pitts S-2S X snap roll - YouTube A snap roll how-to is on How to Snap Roll a Stunt Plane

Update 18.Nov.: Thanks to msfsLegacyImporter version I now have audio variometer. It is a not compensated variometer, but this is the first time I hear the updraft beep, beep, beep from FS2020! See FS2020 ASK 21 audio variometer updrafts downdrafts - YouTube and Ka 6 E winch start audio variometer - YouTube

Update 20.Nov.: The motorized glider Aircreation 582SL is the first FSX model that has a complete conversion with fully working instruments. See FS2020 Aircreation 582SL working panels - YouTube

Update 13.Jan.2021: WE HAVE THERMALS! Alex had a VERY clever idea to make winch start and thermals work. His thermals work without the 3rd party weather system interface that never will come. Please say hooray to Alex! See my first thermals video at FS2020 DG808S first sailplane thermals - YouTube and second DG808S second thermals - YouTube

Update 21.Jan.2021: DG808S version is out. It has the good flight model mod from xp-soaring and the fine instruments from B21. Here is a long video showing everything we have now: FS2020 DG808S winch start, thermals, aerobatics, landing - YouTube

Update 29.Jan.2021: FS2020 version has thermals. Correction: has Dynamic soaring - Wikipedia. Set temperature to maximum. See FS2020 DG808S Reinheim EDUD quarry thermals - YouTube

Update 7.Feb.2021: Ka 6E is our second sailplane using B21 instruments and the first community MSFS 2020 sailplane. It is based on Wolfgang Piper’s FSX model. See FS2020 Ka 6E winch start B21 instruments - YouTube

This list compiled by the community:

  • Better simulation of adverse yaw
  • Waves behind ridges
  • Support for Competition tasks (incl. start/finish waypoints, min/max altitude for WP, custom WP radius, max speed limit for WP, Nav Displays showing relevant task data, etc)
  • Multiplayer Towplane functionality
  • Hypoxemia & Oxygen system
  • Synchronized Live Weather in multiplayer
  • Competitive Multiplayer modes
  • Yaw string taped to the canopy

Yes I too was hoping for a sailplane/Glider. Surely they will. they way they have described the Atmospheric Physics & Aerodynamics sounded to me like it would have been so awesome for a Sailplane. I’m a little surprised there is not one already. I am sure they will do it eventually. But, I think right now they got there hands full with a helluva lot of bug fixing.



I think this is real but it could be a fake. Why do we get a twin astir I wont get it!?

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Gliders have no props so this is demonstrably in the wrong topic. Should be in the Wishlist topic.

That said, I would love some gliders myself. But for the nonce, you an at least ridge soar in the single-engined Diamonds if you jack the wind up.

Same here!
Would love to test the weather engine with a glider :slight_smile:

Hello OrigBullethead,
the Wishlist is for me too big of a mixed bag. I can wish to win the lottery - even if I do not play. This was the reason why I placed my hope for glider here. I was searching for topic Aircraft Glider. And then I was searching for start topic Aircraft Glider. But both did not work.

Hello Flowoda,
I clicked your link. But I only got

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

What can I do?

Oh im sorry about that. It was a link created by me in the Alpha so only Beta Testers can see it

That was the Screen shot in the topic


I for one would love to be able to fly sailplanes as well with only the noise of the wind being a distraction/useful airspeed indicator…


Like in real life! I can hear my Instructor saying ,Listen to the wind child!´´

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I am also very interested in a glider! This is a criteria for me to buy the sim.


I would also love a glider.

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I just registered here to find and like this topic :slight_smile:


Anxiously waiting for gliders to appear, really hope it wont be long. Visual wise, I cant think of a better sim to be gliding in right now.


Hello Flowoda,
only now I recognize: the type of the glider is Grob G103. This is a fine sailplane, you can do sailplane acrobatics with it. And a Grob was the sailplane in good old Flight Unlimited - the only simulator I liked before FSX plus CumulusX plus WinchX plus Aerosoft ASK21 glider model plus Active Sky Next real-world weather.


I am very curious about thermals if and where they will be generated in the base game :sun_with_face: => :cloud:


In real life dry surfaces produce thermals. A wheat field, a quarry, concrete. But the areas of best uplift move and change constantly. Therefore you look out for birds like falcons. They have a “sixth sense” for thermals :slight_smile:.

It’s legit, I’m in the middle of making it. :slight_smile: Though the sim needs more support for gliders, such as thermals, winch and tow plane launches etc.


Sounds great! Keep us posted, i would be very interested and would also support such a project for sure!

Hello FLTSIM76, the weather model is really poor. A very basic test: I put 60knots wind on the nose of a Cessna 152 on ground. Full flaps, full throttle. The aircraft did accelerate AGAINST the heavy wind. In the air the aircraft did fly. Okay, this is very bad “mathematical vector” simulation.
In real life a little Cessna has no chance against such a strong wind. It would move backwards, the wind would attack and the aircraft would crash.
A strong wind on the nose of a flying aircraft would reduce the speed over ground to zero, because 60knots wind and 60knots indicated air speed cancel each other.
Before FS2020 can seriously start with a thermals weather model, they have to improve the weather model. At the moment the gusts component of the weather model does shake the aircraft, but this is it. The old FSX with CumulusX add-on can do much, much better. I verified today: a Cessna 172SP can raise due to thermals in this old sim.
Correction: There is a Youtube video about take off in strong wind. Search Youtube for “Can You Take Off Without Moving? - Microsoft Flight Simulator (Cessna 152)”. And here is my video on the topic on Youtube “FS2020 C152 strong wind test on Wasserkuppe”. I stay to my critique. Ground speed is IAS plus head wind. And the result is the same if you have 60kts ground speed plus 0kts head wind or vice versa.

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