Global Rendering Quality not working VR menu

Again, unless you are talking about a newer build, I suggest you go and look up thread where it is widely documented that you are incorrect. You can choose the presets for PC (ie. non-VR) but not for VR any more as of the build I was using two to three days ago.

And no setting all of the individual items to the maximum and minimum settings has no effect whatsoever to the drop down which continues to remain blank at all times.

As for “That’s all this is”, please count the number of mouse clicks required to change from one settings preset to another when you cannot use the presets themselves to do so and have to change every individual setting separately.

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Can someone please deal with this troll?

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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Reinstalled the sim, no luck. Suffering terrible performance issues since SU9, was wandering whether this might be another symptom

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