Globe Cargo VA New Website


A Polar & Atlas Air Virtual Airline

Globe Cargo Virtual Airlines is proud to present our new website

Realistic Flight Bidding.

Flight Dispatch System

Active Maintenance Department.

Unique proprietary ACARS system.

Complete real-world Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo routes and schedules with over 400 destinations world wide.

Unique charter system for Atlas Air and Titan Aviation.

Southern Air Charters for DHL augmentation and Amazon Aviation Prime routes.

Simulator support for FSX and P3D platforms. MSFS 2020 will be supported in the near future.

Professional, knowledgeable members and personable management.

Many of our staff and members are real-world aviation industry experienced in both flight and cargo operations.

We have a limited number of available First Officer positions open now.

Stop by to check out the new site and say hello.
GlobeCargoVA ORG

Hi there!
Just tried to sign up and 2 issues popped up- Cant download pilot manual (404 error) and then this when I submitted the application "SQL query failed.
INSERT INTO pilots (pilot_num,seniority,pilot_id,name, password, rank, email, application_date, status, rank_id, rank_date, country_code, state_code, bio, cid, ip,staff,) VALUES(‘3504’ UTC_DATE(), ‘Pending’, 1, UTC_DATE() , ‘US’, ‘NC’, NULL, NULL,
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') VALUES

Thank you for pointing that out. Seems the new site gremlins are still running around. Please try it again and let me know. Or if you send me your email address I can add manually.

Well do! I’ll try again in just a few minutes! Take care and thanks for the quick response!

Just tried and still getting the same error…bummer! Those gremlins are tough buggars!

I just ran the process and luckily it worked although I did get a “Confirm Email” mismatch using the exact address but went ahead with the captcha and verify and it worked. (I have the tech on it) If it gives you any more problem you can send me info via email and I can manually enter it while the tech is working the issue.