GNS530/430 RNAV(GPS) Capture issue


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Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting. done

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

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GNS530/430 RNAV(GPS) Capture issue

Dear MSFS Developers and anyone else who can give me a hint…
was trying anything to make this work…

Was making a short IFR flight from KFDK to KGAI flying with C172 equipped with gns530+430.
I set everything correct on my FPL include (PROC) RNAV 14 KGAI.

During flight AP was active on NAV mode following the route. CDI on GPS.
at first it’s seems that the magenta line is not parallel to the gps waypoint on the moving map.
Then when I was trying to shoot the approach the gps could not capture LPV, LANV+VNAV, LNAV. and was stuck on APPR. when passing over IAF/IF/FAF the CDI needle was slightly jumping and coming back to center line.

moreover, the g530 doesn’t have the MAP.

steps i was trying solve the malfunction:

  1. activate/ loud approach few times.
  2. was trying a full procedure from IAF
  3. direct to IF/FAF
  4. Different aircraft with g530/430
  5. different airport
  6. delete community folder
  7. all msfs updates
  8. different PC
  9. only could shoot the LPV with G1000.

If its a bug in the system i would be happy to know how nto fix it!
and if you haven’t develop the g530 yet for shooting RNAV approach its about time.
its definitely more important then working on the colors for trees or other sinnerys.

I don’t want to fly IFR on Xplane 11
and VFR on MSFS. Lets keep in mind that this is not a game! its a flight simulator! so lets make it professional.

I’m having the same problem, but I’m on the Xbox. I can’t fly the Cessna 172S using NAV on G530. It won’t capture. It’ll turn like it’s doing something but ends up flying in the other direction.

I’m on Xbox too, same problem.

I think I found the solution. Right above the NAV 1 gauge is a button that toggles between NAV and GPS. Set it to GPS and your AP will capture.

I just reread your post. I am not having the same issue as you. :hushed: Mine was just a CDI issue. Yours seems more complicated. :cold_sweat: