GoFlight Panels Support?

Anyone know if those GoFlight panels will be supported in MSFS? I would hate that I can’t use them for MSFS… they worked great!

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Agree. I have the MCP Pro and GF 46, which I love using in FSX and P3d. I imagine Go Flight would be looking to get them working in the new sim.

I noticed that they are ‘shutdown’ due to Covid, so might have to wait for a while. :frowning:

Yea, MCP Pro and EFIS here. Be nice to get them working on MS2020

MCP EFIS and a couple of others, I guess over time it will eventually get supported thought I did see polypot and the goflight interface unit have released a very basic first couple of releases supporting default simconnect access.

I bought a lot of Go Flight Gear in the past, most not working with FS2020. The Throttle Quadrant is working so far, because the sim recognises the axis. But no chance with my “beloved” MCP Pro…

I assume, that the Go Flight config software is needed. What I dont understand is that Go Flight didnt update their software to make it work with FS2020. It is a very narrow market, yokes and pedals etc etc are out of stock because it seems everyone is buying hardware for that new sim. The new FS2020 is for a company like GF kind of jackpot…but nothing happens…

its been out just over a week, give it chance and they will release the drivers…

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I have no choice but giving them time…and I think it isnt unusual that during the development of the main software third party developer getting involved. On their webside ist no “coming soon” or something like that…perhaps I am just to much imaptient :wink:


all my goflight panels work in fs2020.
you have to fool goflight config software into thinking its fsx. you need fsx.exe file (or fsx installed.) and the GFDEVFsx icon from inside the goflight folder.
click the gfdevfsx icon. then start goflight.
select file and simulator info as fsx. if it asks for path point it to your fsx folder or fsx. exe file.
then on righthand window at the top select fsx tab(not p3d). program modules and save config.
start msfs2020. it works for me all ok

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Hi FreeWalnut,
can you kindly describe the steps of connecting the software more detailed.
I am using the MCP and RP-48 but MPC afterhaving connected the GF software with FSX shows no digits only the LEDs lights up.
I do not understand what goes wrong.
Many thanks in advance

I have mcp pro,2x t8, p8 lgt 2xgf45 4xgf166, wcp,rp48
all work in fs2020. this was my work around
have an installation of fsx on your pc
have goflight ver2.28 installed.
in goflight folder find GFDevFsx.exe and drag or create shortcut to desktop
click GFDevFsx.exe file nothing appears to happen.
ensure goflight sofware has run as administrator set
(right click the gfconfig.exe file
click properties and compatability tab click run as administrator)
now start goflight config sofware
click file and select simulator info
select fsx( if it asks point it to your fsx folder and the fsx.exe file)
now in right hand pane at the top select the fsx tab (NOT the p3d tab)
prog modules as necc and save the config youve created.
start fs2020
the workaround fools goflight into thinking its running fsx.
only module i havent got working yet is the efis panel but im looking into that
hope this helps others to get goflight panels working

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I purchased in the meantime spad.next and can use all my goflight panels.

does spad support the efis panel too?
if so I might get it, although all my other panels work with the goflight fix.

There is a 14 days trial session so you can check


Does spad.next software need FSX installed?


I purchased the Polypot software. A learning curve for sure, but it works and is very well supported. A bit expensive since we have to pay value added tax. https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk

No, Spad.Next doesn’t need FSX. It works for me well sofar.

Hi All,

Followed procedure above and try to start GFDevFSX but get an error “application has failed because it’s side-by-side configuration is not correct”

In the eventviewer it stated that simconnect could not be found. How do I install / simconnect?

Apparently this is needed.


Solved. I installed FSX SP2

However, my GF-45 is displays are not working.