Going south with Tom Cruise: American made

want to start a topic about adventure flying in the Americas - Hollywood did it so we can do it:

Transport contraband substances, collect herbal harvest, deliver dollares and chemicals, shuttle bosses, sicarios & girls:
Use anything, from Cessnas, King Airs, Old Props, Amphibians to Jets: alone, unregulated and unafraid.

If you are a law abiding citizen and feel uneasy - switch sides and go in as a DEA or CIA pilot - “its not a crime if you are doing it for the good guys”.

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MEXICO- the treasures of the Sierra Madre

beautiful landscape up to 10000ft - and mucho drug cartel activity.

High density of default & difficult dirt strips, DEM well rendered. You are encouraged to look on Bing Maps for more clandestine airfields not in the sim - there are plenty…
Also lotsa suitable country roads, forest clearings, river beds to land on to spice it up.

dr_mex_1.PLN (3.4 KB)
Fast, 7 stops warmup roundtrip in the mountains behind Culliacan
shortest runway: 800ft - some strips with a Lukla-type stopper rockface, so choose your aircraft carefully.

Psst, if your carrying contraband your flying to high lol

You need to get down below the mnts to avoid detection.

… relax - its not a problem in that region as the Sinaloa-Cartel controls the radars and all

Sinaloa Mexico cartel: Pilot found his calling smuggling cocaine - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

but we will come to treetop-skimming indeed when getting closer to the US-border! :sunglasses:

Dont forget to put on Stephen Stills ’ Tree Top Flyer ’ when you do lol.

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