Good job, Asobo!

Very pleased with the new update. I was really looking forward to the SimConnect and controller crash fixes and Asobo delivered. Also, glad that folks that couldn’t install are getting sorted.

Could be placebo but I’m quite positive that the world map is snappier and the annoying micro-stutters I was having in the Patagonia bush trip are better now.

Big bonus: returning to the main menu from busy areas like KJFK is much faster. It now takes no more than 10 seconds compared to the 1 minute and sometimes even minutes I had to wait.

Not sure if bug or real life but check out how NY was a few moments ago:

We have a long road ahead but keep up the good work!


It also seemed to me that they increased the sharpness of the image. But the most sweet bonus is the reduction of stuttering. Thank!

also the pitch of the propeller blades now has a visual effect and i noticed some autopilot tweaks.
a full changelog would be nice :slight_smile: i guess there are much more changes waiting to be found.

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Yeah, stuttering is much better now. Can finally use FSRadioPanel again! I was having some textures issues in Patagonia, I will check if that was improved.

After this update, the sim looks a bit better as well. Looks like they upgraded the visuals.

My only annoyance, and it’s a minor one, is how the patch is delivered. You run MSFS, you wait for the three videos to finish, you get to the ”Press any key” video, you then get informed an update is available, and you have to get that first from the Microsoft Store. You then quit MSFS, download the update from the store,then back to MSFS, through videos again, then it runs another install, but this one much smaller.

I feel like that process could be more streamlined, but it did work at a least.

Will trees start to turn yellow and red in autumn?

I have the Steam version, so it was a bit different (and more logical). I got a 315MB update on Steam and then inside MSFS I downloaded another small update. Never had to quit to install or restart the sim.

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Not yet, but they said that seasons is on the list of things they want to do.

Going to flight conditions. Set the date and find out.

The way its designed is there’s the main executable (app) that gets put on MS Store or Steam, and that part does the content updates and installs. That way they can put content updates, store additions, etc, without having to put out a new main program.

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True, but it would be nice if that could have been done silently from within the sim as it loads. That two part update seemed a little clunky to me.

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Yeah it kinda does right now while theres lots of updates going on, but I think before long, when it’s just the regular monthly ones and 3rd parties are adding planes and sceneries to the marketplace, it will turn out that it’s pretty nice. (I hope)

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