Good Product, However.....(Part 2)

Dear Microsoft Team

I really like this product and I think it will eventually be an excellent one, however the latest patch was a disappointment. I now have freezes that I never had before. No matter what tweeks I do, i still have the stutters and freezes…I guess I will have to wait until the next patch until I can enjoy this simulator again…I hope you fix whatever was broken…

Thank you

I’m with you.
After 800 hours flight time, every day is more dificult because the drop on fps. We need a fix urgently, we need basic things running well in a sim, no need liveries from FSX.

It’s running better now than ever. No freezes, stutters or CTDs for me - at all.

Summat up with your configuration or hardware.

Edit: I now realise of course you were referring to an older patch and not the current. Hope it is now fixed for you!

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