Good public relations suggestion

Firstly, I love this sim and have so since day two in Aug last year. But recently my patience has been tested with issue of CTD’s being caused by a Bing data problems an the lack of feedback back to us (and 3rd party developers).

There has been a lot of talk regarding the upcoming update. Here is the suggestion I would like to make. Could we not have some locked notification space in these forums to be advised when an update has been released. This would make it quick and easy to look up in advance.

As it stands it is now over 18 hours (in my country) since Update 3 has been due for release and the only method I know of to check if the update has been released is to go through the continual process of loading MSFS to the main menu then closing down again. Only to try again later.

Please consider this simple and user-friendly option.


Hi @antonvs3161.

We already have a restricted category News and Announcements for this sort of thing. Only forum staff (Community Team & Moderators) can post topics in this category, and it is only used for important announcements.

If you want to get notifications when a new topic is created in that category:

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Click on the bell icon, on the top right corner of the topic feed
  3. Choose the status “Watching First Post”

If you want to get notifications for updates, select “Watching” and you will get a forum notification whenever a reply is posted to a topic in that category.


OK, thank you. I have now done that.

However, it does beg the question. Will there be an announcement at or around the time an update is released. I can’t remember ever seeing one in the past?

Yes. You can see the previous posts in that category using the tag #patch-notes


Thank you again. I have bookmarked this link.

You have to assume that the scheduled update day and time is at US time, which is generally way behind the rest of the world.

So for me, whenever they announced that an update is scheduled to release on the 16th, I would assume that I would get it at the 17th, because I live in Australia. So I always add 1 day to every scheduled announcements.


Wow, living in Canada, I get it on the 16th, a whole day ahead of you!! :innocent:

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