Goose vs Goose


I’d also enjoy having a “newer” Goose - the model that has the retractable pontoons. A Turbo Goose would also be pretty sweet!

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I mean we got geese (Multiple brands of airplanes known as, “Goose”) with SU11. The Goose and the Spruce Goose.

And we have Gooses (Multiple Grummans) with the BR and Ini versions.

I am all for more Gooses AND geese!

yeah I’m not deleting any of them. I like the newest Goose quite a bit, though I do hope for the reflections fix, a panel light and maybe a basic nav system…
The Big Radials payware Goose is good for different reasons - and the freeware runup of the FSX Goose is just fine to fly as well.
We’re doing alright in the poultry division


Agreed. Without a minimal radio panel, it just doesn’t feel usable in a modern world.

The Widgeon is pretty good, too :slight_smile:

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I’m most looking forward to the Chicken Jet and the Turkey Twin Turbo!

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Looking for a Duck and Albatross yet but Grumman is getting the love they deserve

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Should have done a modernized turbo mallard. BR all the way.