Got MSFS for Christmas and I love it

Just thought I’d take a break from playing this awesome new sim to say how awesome it is!

It’s a incredible multi-generational leap over FSX in terms of visuals. Even the little things like the way the plane bounces around in turbulence really add to the immersion.

I haven’t had any problems with stability of the game. It runs very well on my i9-10850k system even though my current GPU is a 1650 Super until my 3080 backorder arrives.

That is all.


I love it too! Check out some of these tips:

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Love the registration!

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Yes you are right. FS2020 is now really addicting and awesome. It’s another world …


It’s amazing. I’m already well into my round the world flight and its a proper adventure. Yesterday I stumbled across the Wright Brothers National Memorial and dropped in for a few photos. My journey has been full of interesting things so far.

Here’s my journey map so far and I recommend the bush trips and doing your own adventure as I’ve found it really fulfilling and interesting. I’ve just spotted a mountain area called “Rocky Knob” and so I’m heading there next :slight_smile: and then explore the mountains before heading to Nashville, Memphis and then following the Mississipi down to Baton Rouge & New Orleans… Florida, The Keys and then out into the Caribbean after… and then who knows??? I might do the length of the Amazon!


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