Got my first CTD today

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Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

I use it, but Exit Dev Mode always before a longer flight

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during my Flight from LEBL to LEBB in FL260, real Weather, real Time ( to 22:30 utc ) and real Traffic the Simulator Picture stops shortly and then i got the Error Message ( see Picture )

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hmm, it was just a normal flight, here the RTE

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maybe relevant, i have a Homecockpit and 3 screens connected. Resolution 3840x1080 each

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i will do the flight again tomorrow

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After you just fixed your traffic issue!!!

Might want to turn off airplane traffic and try again. I’ve seen several posts lately saying CTDs for them was caused by AI or Real Time air traffic.

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Yeah…as i say…my first one.
I hope it dosent happen again.

I dont understand the Answer from Hester40MT, i have no 3rd Party Addons installed at the moment, because it was a fresh install, as i also wrote here in the Forum, because of the Traffic issue.
Anyway…i hope a dev is reading.


Please have a look at here:

currently the most likely cause : RAM xmp mode

But be aware: allways mentioned that you are currenlty within the BETA !


I had the same CTD with a similar memory error message while trying to start Inkom landing challange one hour ago.


thanks for the Tip…will have a look.
But since today the 1.27.16 is there i will do the same flight later today and see what happens.

Btw.: This is not the first Beta testing for me, i know there can be Bugs etc. But
when i report a Bug in the Bug section it is the correct section … DOT

for the BETA we have these category:

It important for developers to can see whether new bugs within the BETA was born , which can checked before it goes into the stable release.

But I assume thats not a new issue you got. Some users hope that the “memory could not read” will be gone with the Beta , but because these error also happens in completely different applications ( not only msfs ) , I personaly fear not ( but hope for affected users :wink: ).

Take a look here Constant CTD every flight now

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Hello together,

i switched back to the previous nVidia Driver 516.59 and could finish my flight from yesterday LEBL - LEBB :slight_smile:
I also have now really much better frames. With my 3 screens on ground 35 fps at HIGH Graphic settings.
Thats amazing !!!


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I dont think its a driver problem. Why Yesterday all was good to me and today no? I dont had changed anythings

Yes, that makes fully sense.
As of the Q&A i think MS changes the Memory leak, but the new driver did not but the old one.

Hmm… next flight LEBB - LFPG, the error comes again.

BUT…i dont click OK but put the window on the side of the screen.
Then i could end my flight :slight_smile: