GPS ifr Unsuported leg and atc issue

Hello may I missed something but do you know if a fix plan is started about ifr and atc issues on Xbox and pc?
Cause without third party enhancements on Xbox, flying ifr is painfull.


I don’t believe there are any differences between Xbox and PC as far as flying IFR goes.
What issues are you having?

Hi, atc just don’t take care of the altitude set in the initial flight plan and sometimes I just completely lost atc, example I set 7500 ft and atc ask me to climb to fl210 and maintain 7000ft in same time or when I’m on approach I receive an alert on my Pfd like unsupported leg this is so weird so I try to figure it out with my flight plan

If this is on the G1000 NXi, this is because there is a leg between your current position and the next VNAV altitude target that is ineligible for VNAV, such as a hold, a course reversal, a manual termination leg (MANSEQ), or the like. You will see the alert about VNV: UNSUPPORTED LEG IN PLAN. This is actually not at all a bug, and is correct real world behavior for the G1000 NXi. The unit does not provide VNAV vertical guidance through those leg types.

However, this will not affect your lateral guidance. The NXi is handling all flight plan legs properly. However, what ATC does with that may be a different story, but rest assured that if you are using the NXi, you already have correct avionics, autopilot, and nav behavior on your XBox in G1000 planes.

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So If I understand, when I fly a G1000 airplane all will be fine but if I fly an g3000 plane like beech king air I must to follow my flight plan and ignore the atc right?

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The G1000 doesn’t address the ATC, but does fix the flight planning, autopilot, and avionics, while using the G1000 NXi.

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