GPS Orientation

Can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the Orientation of the Garmin 530 so that up is your heading instead of North (who flies that way?). Looking online, I found how to chage it in the real thing, but the settings feature isn’t modelled in the sim. Please add the ability to change the orientation. Not sure if its the same in the glass cockpits (Iprefer to fly with steam gauges), but if so that would be helpful as well.


Yeah it would be really helpful to have some minimal documentation on panel functions, especially if they aren’t going to, or simply can’t model the glass exactly like real life, then the real manuals become a lot less useful, and honestly, a bit of a time vampire to flip through.

There definitely needs to be something that users can use to look up the basic functions of interfaces so we can adjust them to our liking.

DCS manuals were great in that… MS should take a look at those plane manuals… they are very helpful!

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