GPS stops working and plane turns away

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Yes - I’ve done with mods and without.

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I posted a few days ago about this and thought I had it figured out but it’s still doing the same thing. I load in the Pilatus PC-12 Turbo Prop. I have mods but none have ever affected the sim. Since the last update (beta) KSPI - ILS31 has been messed up, at least for me and at least from what I have tested. It’s only been an issue with the PC-12 and the Honda Jet add-ons, the Mooney and others are fine. Which makes no sense.

What is happening is once I pass Dupont it starts to bank to the right to line up with CALDE, then all the sudden it veers left Nav turns to nav/arm and heads straight to the airport KSPI instead of the transition at CALDE to go to the turn around for final approach. The only way that I have figured out to solve it is to have the screen to select approach up and once I cross at Dupont, hit load, then activate the approach and so far it corrects itself, BUT it never did this prior to the last beta update, I have two images I am adding to maybe show better what it’s doing.

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KALN to KSPI set flight to IFR - Low. Direct from both and to ILS 31.

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Xbox Series X - controller and mouse.

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SU10 - version that released with the last beta is when it started.

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How about a Video, showing what you are doing, what is happening, with a commentary as to what you are expecting to happen.

As I posted a few day ago, in answer to when you originally posted this issue,. I flew that approach after your post, and it was TEXT BOOK perfect