GPU DROPS - Why 35 fps drops to 10. then recovers?

I get 35 fps that inexplixably drops to 10 for a minute or two, then recovers.

What should I be looking at for a solution? GPU drops from 95% usage to 35% usage, CPU fairly constant at 35% or so.

I7-10700, 32g RAM, 1660ti, 3440 x 1330
medium, some high settings


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Hmm sounds similar to this thread Intermittent Performance Spikes, high time in Manipulators some users are reporting gpu usage dropping

The next update, maybe.

In the meantime, here is my latest post about this matter in case this is helping:
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the exact same happens to me and i dont know why and how i can fix this…
32Gb Ram

Please read and participate in the existing threads that are linked above.


Some of us have had success by pulling up the VFR map, then scrolling around and zooming in and out a few times. (It’s the digital equivalent of jiggling the toilet handle 'til it stops)

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