Intermittent Performance Spikes, high time in Manipulators

I’m seeing random performance spikes, where FPS will drop from 50 to around 10. Manipulators and MainThread will show 80+ms. This will continue for around 10-30 seconds, then FPS suddenly improves. This isn’t always back to full speed, there seems to be an intermediate state (for me it was 25-30 FPS). It will sometimes jump between the 3 states a few times (10-30 seconds each) until finally getting back to normal speed.

The switch between these states is sudden and obvious, both in the game and in the graph. One second everything is fine, the next you’re in slow motion, and it goes away just as quickly.

A similar thread got merged with some London performance issues. It’s unlikely that it’s the same issue. I’ve hit this in several places, including the middle of Kansas. It’s flat, there are no buildings, and the sim doesn’t model cornstalks, so I don’t think it’s terrain or object density.

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Same here…

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same here…just tried to do a flight in London, spiked then CTD


same since world update 3.
Also, in the FPS counter, GPU usage is always at 30ms. Before update, I had between 15 and 20 MS.

Same problem for me and at least three of my open-source colleagues at FlyByWire Sim.

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I’ve had this once!

Yes, me too.

Same here. Dropping from 35 to 10 fps.

same here, in the middle of Austria, so it doesn’t look geographically dependent. addons deactivated !

Same here. Flight from KSAN-KDEN. Was doing great through the flight and about 3/4 of the way my fps went from 70-80 down to 19 except it NEVER recovered. Had to end the flight. Went back in the sim and fps were fine. Was a waste of almost two hours.

Hi guys, wich acft do you use when you have fps drop ?

I noticed this too, flying the FBW mod A32NX. Sudden loss of smoothness for about 30 seconds to a minute, then back to pretty smooth again. Happened probably 3-4 times during a 90 minute flight, including on the ground stationary at the airport.


The a320 nx fbw, the dev version

Thank you for making a new thread on this issue, separate from the London scenery problem. Same issue here in every rural and urban US area I’ve flown in since the update. Haven’t even downloaded the new London scenery.

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Custom FBW or DEV ?
I have this problem only with custom FBW

Is this exclusive to the FBW 320? I have not encountered it and do not have the FBW installed.

I had this a few times yesterday during a 4 hour UUEE-LEBL flight. Have 40fps 4K Ultra most of the time but it occasionally dropped to about 10 for a minute or so before returning to normal. Happened again just before I flared on landing which was quite disruptive.

RTX 3090

Same here…FPS very low and then come back to normal.

i7 - 9700K + 32GB DDR4 + RX 5700 XT 8GB + SSD 1TB

I had it with Dev.

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Mostly on the TBM, with the WT G3000 mod.

I do have the FBW Dev version installed.