Intermittent Performance Spikes, high time in Manipulators

Same here. 35fps. Drop to 15 random for 1minute and then come back to normal
Fbw dev

I have no mods, my community folder is empty.
I’ve been able to run MSFS on full ultra at a steady 35FPS (ish) since August.

My Zendesk submission has come back with the usual ‘update your drivers and / or turn down your graphics settings’ reply.

And because this isn’t effecting every single person in the game, most mentions of this on other threads get the usual fanboi response of “No problem here, it must be you.”


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I had it several times yesterday in the Aerolite plane.
No matter were in the world i was flying.
Suddenly from 50fps to 10fps and two times crashed to desktop.
Had no such problems before last update.

Same here after last update :frowning:

Very dissapointing this reaction. Hopefully we find a solution.

Same here, my GPU usage drops to 30% and obv only getting 11fps, gpu usage will then go back into 90’s% an returns to normal, power saving maybe? not just in UK either


happened to me with the c172 classic, the c152 and the vl3. I don’t think its aircraft related.

I did actually manage a full flight without problems today. The next one though was to a little field just south of Dublin, the first slow down happened just crossing the Irish coast after about an hour of flight, didn’t last long though, and the second just before final approach.

I used to have no trouble on approaches but now when I get to around 8nm from landing it stutters and slows down from 40fps to 10fps for about 15 seconds. It’s ruining my experience! Was totally fine before the recent update…

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I’ve been experiencing this issue since yesterday and on my system the FPS drops to 10-15, the mainthread and manipulator slow to a crawl but, mine don’t seem to recover like the OP states.

I’ve been doing some experimenting this afternoon and I got mine to jump back to life by opening the VFR map scrolling to a new area within the map and zooming in. Don’t ask me how or why this works but I tested it twice with the same results. Maybe someone else with this issues could see if it works for them too

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Prob related to this: v1.13.16.0 - screen tearing not a bug but a design change - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community

I experienced the same as well several times after the latest update. Flying the custom FBW dev A320.

Same here. Random FPS drops for some seconds/sometimes 1 min and then back to normal.
Acts randomly with really low GPU usage. Something is holding back the graphic card.
this is weird as performance in general on this update is much better / smoother
8700K @5.1ghz + 3090 Asus rog strix OC

Hey guys. What do you have jn the community folder?
Seems that no happens without navdata-navigraph folder into the community

No navigraph for me. Basically just the FBW and WT mods.

Low GPU usage is a symptom of the game being CPU-bound. The CPU isn’t computing the new frames fast enough, so the GPU has nothing to do.

Now that I think about it, I had run into a similar issue back at release. Random severe slowdowns, high CPU, low GPU, until something “caught up” and things went back to normal. They fixed that back in September - it was scenery loading getting stuck in a loop (Developer Q&A Twitch Series: Top Community Questions [9.30.20] - YouTube) The current issue doesn’t seem exactly the same, but in the same ballpark.


same here

Try without WIT

Thx Chris, thats it for me i presume.

Having the same issue, I’m afraid. Sim will run fine then just randomly drop to around 15 FPS for up to minutes on end. Both CPU and GPU usage will be very low (under 30%), and RAM usage will be low as well.

It seems to happen on any aircraft since it’s happened on the TBM 930 as well as the A32NX (the only two aircraft I’ve been flying).