Large Stutters and FPS Loss Since Update

Not sure if it had been brought up before, but I’m gonna guess it has.

Anyways, is anyone else experiencing larger stutters and prolonged FPS loss since the most recent World Update? I fly mostly with the A32NX FBW Mod and experienced micro stutters when I first started using it a couple months ago. Then, the FPS issue got fixed and it was flying really well and very smoothly until the recent world update. I would only experience very minor micro stutters every now and then, but nothing major or anything that affected my flight.

Now, I’ve been getting large stutters and dramatic FPS loss at random times. Like it will be normal and butter smooth and then suddenly it just becomes very stuttery and the FPS takes a huge loss. Most of the time, it only lasts for a few seconds to a minute or so and then it will resolve itself and go back to being smooth again. I thought it was due to being on the ground at larger airports due to scenery, but it’s happened a lot during cruise too at FL380 in the clear sky. However, after just experiencing it for the first time during landing (which negatively affected my landing), I definitely wanted to bring it up and see if anyone else was dealing with the same issue.

I don’t think it’s my hardware. Although I am running a lower end spec gaming PC, like I said, it was never giving me any issues before until now. Also, my settings are kept at mainly medium to compensate with a few select high settings where I desire.


Same here , from 45 fps to 10 fps ! All of a sudden ! Asobo , wake up !!


I have also noticed that there is a loss of frames for some time here, it may be the last update.

Exact same issue be flying and out of the blue just a load of stutter and fps drop for 1-2mins then fixes itself

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Getting it here and there as well with FBW A32NX but turning off freesync has cleared up my issue to some extent.I had a very smooth flight from Frankfurt to London until I was on final stutters came back.
Its concerning considering when we have more complex planes like the CRJ coming or PMDG in the future its going to be worse. Reminds of X-PLANE running with opengl but not as bad. Hope DX12 makes things smoother.
I feel like the sim’s engine was designed and optimized for GA flights.

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Yup, FPS drops to 19 fps for 30 seconds or so since the update.

loss 10-20 fps with last update

Exactly the same symptoms on my system. The huge drop, usually but not always followed by higher interim, and finally back to normal - 30-35 drop to 10-15, back to 19-25, then finally to normal. I have 35 fps capped in Nvidia CP.
6700K; 16GB; GTX1070 to ASUS PG279Q Gsync; 100Mb internet; Samsung 970+ 1TB; Settings mostly high or medium.

I linked the thread so you all can add your specs and experience there to avoid having the information flying around in different threads all over tge forum. So please continue there and vote for the thread.

I’m also having the same issues. The main menu sometimes drops me to 10 frames. I have to restart the program again and all of a sudden the laggy low frames are gone and i’m back up to 80 frames.

Then when I launch a flight, sometimes my destination airport caps me at 10 frames. Sometimes my arrival landing airport caps me at 10 frames consistently for 10 minutes. It feels unplayable. FYI, I own a 2080ti RTX (3 fans). I run on high 1080p and should be getting smooth fps yet i’m not. The developer graph tells me the GPU handler is whats capping me. This last update created this problem.

My biggest worry is that Asobo doesn’t recognize this issue. I haven’t seen a lot of posts about this and the people here in this post including myself are seldom. I just hope our issue reaches the Asobo team. If you all can, I encourage you to send tickets to zendesk or try to get this post/like up so devs can see it.

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Turning off rolling cache seems to have eliminated the problem.

I turned off rolling cache and deleted the rolling cache file. After 6 flights in different areas of the world, including a test flight I’ve flown where I repeatedly get the drops from 35 to 10-15 fps, I’ve not experienced a single instance of this symptom. I still have rolling cache off, so I’m going to do another test turning rolling cache on which will create a new cache file.

I always had and have Rolling Cache OFF because it affects performance a bit, so not solution in my case. But this helps.

I’ve also noticed the main menu being very laggy and there being a loss of FPS as well. Like flying though, it will usually resolve itself after a couple minutes, but sometimes it will go back to being laggy again. I don’t really care that much about the main menu though since I really need the high FPS during flights, but it’s still strange and something that seems like a recent issue.

However, my last handful of flights, a few of which have been flown into larger and handcrafted airports, have been fine and I’ve experienced no FPS drops or stutters, thankfully.


For me the ONLY issue eliminated by turning off rolling cache is the situation where normal fps (30-35 in my case) suddenly drops to 10-15 fps, while at the same time the gpu and cpu have very low utilitization. Usually lasts for a minute or two and then goes back to normal. Sometimes once it starts it never goes back until I end the flight and go to main menu.

I too notice these dramatic FPS loss at times. One thing I noticed was during the issue I used Task Mgr and saw that the GPU went way down in utilization. The minute it returned to normal, it went back to 90% and butter smooth. Very odd indeed.


i9-10900K, RTX2070, 32Gb Ram, SSD

I also have this (very locally restricted) problem at my home airport LOAG. As soon as it comes into view, the framerate drops from 40 to sub 20. And it stutters heavily, so its not really 20 fps, more like 2 fps.

I have disabled rolling cache, so this does NOT fix it for me.

Same exact problem, main menu drops FPS sometimes and when flying anywhere, it will randomly stop using the GPU and it becomes a total slideshow or complete freeze from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, Happens often too during landing, which really mess the whole experience at the end of a long flight.

hey from LOWW vienna :wink: did u find a solution? and another question… do u have also the problem that buildings that are a little bit in the distance look like melted lego blocks?.. cant fix it…

Sorry, had no new findings and have not encountered your specifc problem.