I have figured out what the root causes of my FPS drops are. Workaround included (may only work for some)

Interesting. I’ve got both those running (Corsair mouse & keyboard + Steel Series headset).

I’m at work now, but will try that this evening and let you know how it goes. Just set a reminder on my phone to do that when I get home.

It doesn’t. I think this is a misguided attempt to try to solve this issue. Those who are seeing an improvement are likely low on RAM and the optimization of their page file is likely helping, but it’s not a solution for this issue nor is it related.

Forcing the use of paging to slower drives (even NVMe)) over physical RAM makes no sense. It’s like swapping your Porsche for a Ford Taurus to get better speed.

Hell this is important enough that I grant you the day off with pay, just tell your boss I said it was okay, this is far more important then work! lol

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[cough cough] I think I feel some COVIDs coming on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just tried the experiment with my notebook machine, same results no steelseries (in the case of the laptop), turn off the soft and the the thing runs smooth as silk.


I read in a topic where they said to wait 15 seconds before clicking on the game world map. It worked for me and the FPS went back to normal.

Please make sure you have voted for the relevant bug report. Apparently with the current number of votes it doesn’t make it into the top bugs list.

Yeah I tried that the day it was posted and it didnt do a thing for me. But killing ‘other’ gamming software before starting the sim everythings back to normal no laggies slowdowns etc…

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

New to vr, just picked up the oculus quest 2. It’s mind blowing technology for sure but it’s making me want to puke. Lol

It states this now: I have figured out what the root causes of my FPS drops are. Workaround included (may only work for some)

It only applies to those, like me, who see a big boost when changing to the external camera. I’ve been flying with glass cockpit refresh rate set to low for a while now and it seems fairly stable. I have no clue why that’d be such a CPU hog. Must be a bug, might be very specific to hardware or possibly only the VR version.

It’s difficult to test CPU limits on the flat version since I hit the GPU limit earlier on there.

Solution is simple, turn off the fs2020, no stutters and fps drops!

…seriously I also have random fps drops from 55-60 to 15-19fps

Send this in to Microsoft as an improvement suggestion for Windows 10. Windows does all the memory management including paging to slower drives. MSFS relies on Windows to manage all the hardware. And MSFS REQUIRES Windows 10. (Yes, I had to buy Windows 10 to run MSFS. I haven’t used Windows for several years.)

Agreed. It’s a Windows issue, not MSFS. You’ll get no argument from me on that front.

What I mean is that suggesting that MSFS uses the page file directly as some have (it doesn’t) and that increasing page file size manually will benefit MSFS directly is very misguided. Especially when claiming that’s a definite fix.

Not everyone is a techie. Telling someone who doesn’t even understand what a page file is to go messing with settings they don’t understand is a recipe for disaster. It only increases the possibility of an error and the user harming their overall system performance vs leaving it be.

Like I said, the only time messing with the page file MAY be helpful is if you’re manually setting it to run on an NVMe SSD while you only have 16GB of RAM. In reality, that user should be looking at a RAM upgrade, not messing with software that may or may not help a minuscule amount.

I increased my page file a couple of months ago after following the advice on Zendesk. I can’t say that it made any difference. I have 32gb of RAM and it never, ever gets used in the sim, so I think this is just one of many rabbit holes that lead to nowhere.

I tried to get rid of it the other day actually, but then my sim would CTD, so now I’m stuck with it.

If paging really matters, I wonder if upgrading to a faster SSD would give me a performance boost?

I agree! I think MS/Asobo didn’t (or hasn’t) provide any comprehensive tuning information or benchmarks. In hindsight, publishing three configurations and four different general graphics settings (low, med, high, ultra) hasnt worked well for Asobo. I think they were surprised at how much tuning and tweaking users are doing in MSFS, Windows, GPU parameters, and hardware overclocking. When people found and started using the developers FPS counter, there was no correlation made between the recommended hardware and graphics configurations to the FPS counter. And when Asobo published video trailers pre-release, the astounding graphics set user expectations very high. Most users don’t want to become PC/Windows/NVIDIA experts in order to run a graphics-intensive simulator.

Ha! The world of flightsimming in a nutshell. I think people are just as addicted to tweaking as they are to flying. I can remember this tug-of-war since the early days. I’d be delighted if Asobo produced a product that didn’t involve the need to eek out some extra performance, but where’s the fun in that :man_shrugging:

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I was quite happy with my pre-UK performance. I hadn’t changed any of my settings since back in December or so at that point. I was getting 40+ fps most of the time, and it was a nice experience.

After the UK update, though, that’s when I started messing with stuff again after that update robbed me of 15 fps. And then SU3 robbed me of another 10 and no amount of lowering of settings made any difference at all.

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Yeah, the UK is what did it for me too. I think the performance didn’t get noticed as much because of the other problems but it was definitely there. Things just got worse after SU3.

Indeed. Whatever happened with the UK update was compounded in SU3. I went from 40-45 fps, down to 25-30 fps after that. Then down to 15-20 fps after the SU3.

A reinstall (Steam verify + redownload of content) seems to have squeeked out an extra 5 fps. I’m sitting in the low 20s now. It’s playable, but not terribly enjoyable because that 20-25 fps is often interrupted by huge pauses and stutters, whereas at least before it was a mostly smooth 25-30

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I’ve basically killed any process from my tray that isn’t required, including iCue and Steel Series software. Sitting on the apron at KAPF, an airport I fly out of regularly and one of my benchmarks, I’m seeing a small increase of maybe 3 fps. Maybe.

Since I reinstalled yesterday, I’ve been sitting at about 23-25 sitting idle here. Now I’m seeing 25-ish most of the time and had a couple of jumps up to 28 and dips down to 23. Took a quick flight around the area, and still seeing the same mediocre performance as before. It’s flyable, but not terribly enjoyable when I used to get 40+ in this area before the UK update with these exact settings.

Unfortunately, if it made any difference at all, it wasn’t enough to make it noticeable in any practical manner. 3 fps I consider to be within margin of error with variables such as weather, traffic, etc. Today I have zero live traffic working it would seem, so that could be the cause of the increase.