Fps drop down

My fps drop down to 0,5 fps for several times after world update 3. Is this a known problem. Please help.


Yep, me to.

Takes a while to first start happening but FPS will drop to nuthin and the whole sim goes slow (v slow response to menus). I thought for a second that bing data was causing it as when I turned that off it suddenly cleared, but it happened again 10 minutes later so I think it was just coincidental timing. The first slowdown will clear and return to 35FPS (my usual) after a few minutes but it’ll keep happening for longer and longer until, eventually, it’ll just freeze and crash the sim.

I filed a zendesk report as a quick search on here didn’t bring up results.

And yep, someone created a bug thread this morning:

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Ok, i heard that is attached to the driver of the graphic card. Nvidia for me. I hope for a quick solution.

I’ve been having the same issue even in the main menu. Started a week ago out of nowhere. Can’t find the cause as of yet. Sim side or cpu side. Still unsure

Look at this thread. I even found a fix (for my rig) and may help you too.

when a problem is not global there must be something local causing it.
the first and easiest thing to check is your community folder.
after that it becomes a cat and mouse game…I think we all know who the cat is and who the mice are lol

I don’t think that’s the same issue. This isn’t low FPS generally, it’s flying along happily at 40FPS and suddenly the sim will drop to 5FPS, even if you pause and open a menu, the menu will open at 5FPS. This will stay this way for several minutes and then suddenly clear and return to 40FPS as if nothing was ever wrong.


Nothing in my community folder at all.

Here happens the same bro…hope they fix it ASAP

no ?
that’s probably the exception not the rule.

Good idea anyway to make sure it’s empty whenever there is an update.
Did or were you experiencing ‘icing’ conditions when your sim FPS dropped?

ASOBO FIX the low FPS ASAP please!!

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Nope. And it’s happened a lot since the update.

so is it totally random ?

do you know if it could have had to do with ATC ?
had you just opened the window or been contacted by ATC?

Nope, flying along happily looking at the scenery.

The only thing non random about it is…after the first FPS drop it’ll be a good 15 minutes before the next one. The one after that will come a lot quicker. And then the next quicker still until you’re just stuck in constant 5FPS.

I saw the very low frame rate effect twice on an Airbus flight from Glasgow down to Southampton this evening. All nice and smooth followed by a minute or two at very low fps then back to normal. I have not seen anything like it before the recent update and I have made similar flights quite often. My initial guess is it happened as I was approaching two of the new high quality cities (Manchester and Bristol). I wonder if the machine is loading a lot of extra data for these cities even though I am thousands of feet above them and travelling fast. SwoopGB, were you near any of the newly released GB cities when you saw this happen?

A couple of times I may have been but the last flight I made was to Le Mans (mid France) and it happened twice on the way there and again on landing. And I won’t even mention that ATC thinks Le Mans is pronounced ‘Ellymans’. Ooops, I did.

In VR the FPS after the lastest update have been also reduced :weary:

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And please vote for this: