GPU fps drop to ZERO

Hi, I have issue with GPU 3080, sometime FPS drops to ZERO. Has anyone met this? It only happend in night scene with lot of lights.

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FPS drops to 1 for one and a half second on my sim day time in heavy PG areas after World Update II USA.

That never ever happed to me before the latest build.

It’s interesting that this annoying stuttering came along with an update where the dev team think they solved ‘the dreadful performance’ on the latest development update table just published.

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I thought that was marked as a partial fix?

You think in next patch?

This is going to be a continuous process, for some time. With so many systems that are incomplete, performance will likely be up, and down like a yo-yo-yo.

I don’t think you could ever consider performance “fully fixed” with the sim in its current state.

IMO they could still proceed the ten year journey without breaking the already working stuff…

They, however, tend to break so many fields in pieces while trying to solve for some others.