GPU is free but FPS "Limited by GPU"

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GPU usage is at 59%, 900 MB of available GPU RAM, CPU at 16%, FPS are lower than 10 and the debug tool says “Limited by GPU”

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Just fly in VR for a while or switch VR/2D-2D/VR mode

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Not relevant

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Always in VR

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Don’t understand your approach to move the topic. Switch from VR to 2D and you’ll reproduce the problem

Other users need to validate the issue. Reproducible defects are one of the key characteristics to reporting a valid defect so Dev Team can attempt their ingestion and triage. Not everyone has VR hardware, so that makes for a smaller community who can peer review.


You should specify your GPU as it is very relevant. Also, you are nearly maxing out on VRAM so I’d recommend lowering settings like texture resolution until you are comfortably below max and see if it solves the issue. You could also try DX11 as it may use less VRAM.

In the same place, with the same plane, with the same configuration I can fly at 30 FPS.

The problem occurs if you switch from VR to 2D mode and viceversa

Lock the bug section and move topic there when other users confirm the problem.


“The Bug Reporting category is for posting suspected or confirmed bugs …”

Suspected or confirmed bug, you have language problem here


Well, in your initial post you also stated “Just fly in VR for a while”, which implied a need to switch between VR and 2D was not necessary for duplication.

The Bug Reports area has always been triaged, but is left open like any other part of the forum. Bug Reports that are immediately validated - usually a wide ranging issue that affects many users equally and in a short period of time - are kept in place.

Triage of reports not receiving such immediate feedback is necessary because many filings are actually known issues unrelated to sim defects that the filer was unaware of.

We’ll pass your feedback along.

Complete statement

Yes, but your statement uses an OR clause meaning that just “flying VR for a while” should allow one to duplicate the problem. I emphasize this because switching between VR and 2D has historically brought its own set of potential issues for some users and should be separated from an issue that occurs even if the user is just flying in VR, without switching.

I’m just trying to help you find a solution, that’s all.