GPU usage drastically drops after landing

I have this issue since months and apparently I found no suolution to fix it (full MSFS reinstall, driver update ecc.)
Every time I land at an airport my GPU usage drops from 60/70% to 30/40%. This happens basicly from at the moment of touch down. Also, there in no way to “wake her up agin” and it is impossible for me to do another flight without restarting the sim. If I take off again the gpu usage stays at 30/40% for the whole time. I started another topic a week ago but seems nobody is experiencing this issue.
I would really appreciate some help. First pic is on the ground before take off. Second picture is after landing in EDDF

Forgot to say.
I9 10900K
RTX 3080
Updated win10

Guys, really nobody has any idea? I’m trying to solve this issue since week

Whats your power option set to on windows and nvidia control panel? try on performance setting, if currently set to balanced. Not saying it will fix it just something to check and try.

What wattage is your PSU rated at? is it enough to power the RTX 3080 and I9 10900k?

Power management is already to Max performance. PSU ia a1200W Seasonic. I really don’t understand what happens after touch down. Every other phase of the flight is great

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Is it working fine with other games? really should be able to get close to 100x gpu usage even the 60 to 70% is low.

If you go into nvidia control panel then click on help then system information have a look in the list for BUS and check it says : PCI Express x16

Every other game is fine. Actualy I don’t have all setting to ULTRA and I run at 2k resolution that is way GPU normally runs between 60 and 70%

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Do you have a g-sync monitor and got vsync enabled? read this can cause issue’s.

G-sync is enabled in the Nvidia Control panel + vsync locked at 60. Is is disabled in msfs settings

Scroll down to where it mentions g-sync and vsync. says about setting maximum fps just below your monitors refresh rate.
Fix Low GPU Usage in Games [Nvidia & AMD Graphics Cards] (

I understand what you mean. But this is the purpose of G-SYNC monitors.
Monitor running at 60hz, Gsync enabled and frames capped at monitor refresh rate. The sim aims at 60PFS which is the monitor refresh rate and will not output more. That’s why my GPU in only used at 60/70%. This does not explain why usage drops to 30/40% after landing

What fps are you seeing are you reaching that 60 fps. In that article it mentions that going over the max fps can cause problems maybe setting it exactly to the refresh rate is a problem. It only says this for when g-sync and v-sync are both enabled.
Maybe just set max to 59fps and see what happens.
I’m out of idea’s now so hopefully somebody else can help.

I usually get 40/60fps. After landing and GPU dropping down I get around 25fps. Exactly proportional to the GPU usage loss. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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No worries sorry couldn’t help you fix it.

I am not running nowhere the specs you have.
I run an RTX 2060super i7 10700k and I can get by with 45-50fps while in the air but the moment its time to land the gpu takes a break then spikes back up once I am parked with aircraft systems off.
I want to blame photogrammetry on this but it also happens in non photogrammetry areas. I am no software expert but looks like we will have to wait for further optimizations.
However if I fly GA its not a big issue!

Thanks. I was also thinking about PG but it also occurs in no PG areas. Does the GPU automatically spikes back up? If I turn systems off for me is even worse. It’s like ne more I approach to the end of the flight and the more the GPU slows down. Landing 48%, taxi to gate 40%. Complete shutdown 30/35%. No way to have GPU back even If I take off again for a 2 hours flight

I’ll try to open a ticket in zendesk

I’m experiencing this. Though mine goes from 9-100% to 50-60% so I’m able to complete a return flight though my fps takes a hit. It’ll drop to around 30 on the ground and 50 cruise

This is still happening even with SU11.