Gradual reduction in scenery fidelity since install!

I believe I have a high spec PC :-
Intel Core i9-10900K CPU
32GB DDR4 3200MHz Memory
I let the install choose the configuration and have not changed anything since.
I have flown only the “Bush Flights” so far.

Since install I am aware the scenery is showing more and more problems.
Tears, rips, gaps in hills.
‘Breathing’ hills growing in steps
Coastlines showing water 200-300ft up the cliffs.
Roadways appearing as blurred zig-zag outlines.
This is all clearly visible at less the 5 miles away and very distracting.
The do eventually resolve, but only once I am nearly on top of them!

When I started using it I didn’t notice half of what I see now.
Is my PC deteriorating or is the build getting worse?

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It’s a scenery bug and it’s been well known since the patch. Asobo will be releasing a fix for it with the world update. That was supposed to be next Tuesday, but the update was pushed ahead by a week, so we’ll be seeing it in about 10 day.

You have 2 options for the time being:

  1. deal with the scenery defects
  2. install a mod at the link below that fixes said scenery irregularities. Note that if you go this route, you’ll have to delete that mod before the next update, as it could conflict with the fixes Asobo will put in place.

I appreciate that reply.
So as to be sure, this is a significant fix for global issues with scenery, along the lines I was describing?
I am happy to wait, in that case, for the world update.

Yes. It fixes the broken world scenery by basically rolling back the ‘defective’ files to their previous version. It lives in your community folder, so doesn’t actually touch or change the base files of the game It’s worked flawlessly so far, removing the terrain spikes and irregularities from the entire planet.

So it’s your choice. You can certainly choose to wait it out. The world will look ugly, but outside of some situations where you may have a tall mountain at the end of a runway making certain airports unusable, you can still fly as-is.

Personally, I find the broken landscape too jarring and it just wrecks any sense of immersion. I’ve been using the mod now since it was released and couldn’t be more pleased.

I appreciate your extra info. The mod sounds easy to use and easy to remove, but if the update will do the fixing (even tho’ it is delayed!), I will wait it out.
Thanks again

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