Graphic issue in world map menu

Hello, i’m on build of the microsoft store verion but i’ve been experiencing this bug since
I don’t use developer mode.

Ok, I see your circled areas, but what is the bug?

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I assume there is a missing translation for these “number field of the key keyboard” for the OP language.

In case there is no translation for a “key”, only the “key” itself is printed…

In german there exist a translation:

EDIT: @ManFlxSrsRwy … its Italian , or ?.. may be other users from Italy can recheck it then :slight_smile:

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Oh i see, yes it is italian!
Hopefully they will fix it by adding a translation then.

Hello @ManFlxSrsRwy ,
Is this still happening to you?

For anyone else who uses MSFS in Italian, does this happen to you? (And did it happen for you in January, when this was logged?)

No response from OP.