Graphic problem

A new built computer (i9 12900K) , Used from old computer (32gig RAM), MSI 2080ti 12gig GPU, Samsung 970 M2 SSD 2TB.

[Photo - Google Photos](Google Photos

As can be seen from link there is pink graphics which appears on airports I have checked.
MSFS is new reinstall with latest updates.

Any advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated

Noel Southam

Cannot see the picture.
Requested URL not found

I can. Click on Google Photos (Blue link).


Sorry, but we can’t see the photo. I get 404 error. It could be a permission issue where you can see it but noone else.

I too get a 404 error…

Many thanks for your responses. Problem has been solved.

Community folder had 75 items which I had saved previously. I then transferred to the new install of MSFS.

Decided to remove all items from the Community folder and then reintroduced 18 at a time. Of course the last 3 were placed back in the folder. Started MSFS and the problem returned.

Since it appeared to be graphic related problem I removed zinertek-misc-enhanced-airport-graphics-v2-0-0 which had not caused a problem previously. With that item removed problem disappeared and has not returned on approx 10 restarts of MSFS.

Will try update to Zinertek Ver 2.5 when time permits to see if problem again presents.


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