Graphics card VRAM

What’s the minimum amount of VRAM required to run Flight Simulator in 4K Ultra and 4K High-End? How much VRAM is recommended to run Flight Simulator in 4K Ultra and 4K High-End?

Thank you!

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Since there are 10 and 12 GB cards now, you have more options than just to stay the course with 8GB cards.

You will not be able to sufficient run the flight simulator with 4k textures on last-gen cards with typical GDDR6 8GB VRAM, and you surely will need 12GB.

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My GPU Allocates like this. (It is an 6900XT with 16gb VRAM)
4K Ultra - busy areas 10-14GB (e.g LA, London, NY)
4K Ultra - Normal 8-12gb
4K Ultra - Less busy areas 6-10 gb Vram

I think it allocates more than it uses since it has 16gb Vram. 3080 ti has 12gb but ihave seen people easily fly with less than 12gb vram usage.


I can verify those figures are Accurate

6800XT same amount of VRAM and same observations


Wow where did you get an actual-gen graphics card?
Only tech-YouTubers are getting a dozen of them for their living room PC for free, including free XBox and a PS5 with hundred games and a handfull of technology and hardware convention invitation with free flights and -96% price bonus coupons for all smartphones sold there above 1000$ price tag. :smiley:

Is your 6800XT a hand-soldered replica bought on the black market in Poland or Czech paid with Bitcoin? Otherwise it is impossible for common people to get hands on a real Radeon 6800XT with raytracing for the next oncoming years.

OK just kidding please don`t take it too serious, there are already enough graphics card jokes and memes on the internet because no one except scalpers can buy new graphics cards or new actual-gen consoles anywhere… back too topic :wink:

4K Ultra - busy areas 10-14GB (e.g LA, London, NY)
Every last gen graphics card has only 4-8 GB VRAM so because of technological limitations it is currently impossible to really max out the resolution in the new flight sim. Lucikly graphics settings on ultra with 1920x1080 is already possible.

I also hope when hardware progresses even more that the Flight Sim will get significant graphics updates in the future, like RayTracing and DirectX upgrades and enhanced rain effects on the windshield and even more enhanced shaded clouds with new shadow and transparency effects.

Will give it a shot later and see what a current gen card uses.

I have a 2080 TI (11GB VRAM), take a look to my video. High and Ultra with 70/100% render scaling at KLAX Rwy 7L in the Ryan.

In germany you can buy any kind of nvidia or amd card, even 3090 and 6900xt just like 1700-2300USD

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and I hope nobody will buy these total overpriced room-heaters… :wink:

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As long as you do not max out any settings that will eat up vram it should not be an issue. I am on an 8gb card running 1440p ultrawide and have to lower texture resolution, terrain lod, AO and shadows just to keep my card from swapping to slower ram.

Still a relevant article (and updated since August 2020 launch)

The TL;DR - MSFS loves 8GB Cards, and eats up nearly all the VRAM generally. See page 4.

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Oh that´s awesome! Count me in, I hope can I find a nice trustworthy scalper to pay him 2300 Dollar for the “autumn 2020 ~400$-Radeon-6700XT graphics card release”…

(After having done some inspection :face_with_monocle: if the card turns out good and in brandnew condition without any wears and tears and with evenly illuminated brand logos with good LED colour consistency I would even tip him 1000$ extra for his efforts bringing on the new hardware generation with raytracing and 20 Teraflops for a fair pricing.)

It´s awesome that the new graphics cards generation finally broke the 2GB (to maximum 8 GB) VRAM barrier we had for the last ten years or so - and brought 12 or even 24 GB VRAM.
The new generation of graphics and 4k textures urgently need this amount of RAM :slight_smile: unfortunately the price will be artificially kept ultrahigh this whole year (probably next year too) until a new player enters the arena and will bring this cards en masse for the normal standard prices (300$-400$ midrange like Radeon 6700, 700$-900$ ultra-high-end like GeForce3090) to end the winning-spree of the scalpers.

Get three monitors and then crank up the LOD and Objects detail to 400!



You forgot to mention hopping :kangaroo: over new york?

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You do not need scalper. I bought from
normally they drop around 11 am, (in EST-US)
3-4 weeks ago they stocked around 10:30. Next week i was ready at 8:00 am, at 10:30 i purchased one easily :smiley:
Thanks to this guy and his script : Twitch

I choose to buy 6900XT because i believed it would be easier to buy it than an 6800Xt. Otherwise it doesnt worth to pay 300$ for 5 more fps :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

So it looks like 3x1080 is easily doable with high-end hardware. Hopefully we can do 3x4k in 3 years with 20gb+ Vram.
(upgrading to 3x 43" TV setup atm)

EDIT: Do you have a link for instructions to 400 LOD & OBject details? config.cfg?

I followed this thread …

Just keep in mind if you go back to settings this edit may change if you don’t select read only in the cfg and then you can’t change the settings… I think I said that right?


I am just about decide between 3080 ti and 3090 and seems that 12GB Vram on 3080ti can limit me at some cases. So I need to push my wallet beyond the limits I guess.