I'm so super impressed with MSFS! Ever been curious about what the full potential of graphics looks like? LOD 9.00s No Photogrammetry melt as far as the eye can see

Hello! A little positivity to share. I’ve had a mostly pleasant experience with MSFS, having only been hit with one bug long in the past, and it was quickly resolved. This is the potential of the graphics engine where it now stands. This is full on Ultra except shadows. Resolution scale at 130% and Terrain LOD 9.00 and Objects LOD 9.00. Yes, a big city and as far as… the eye can see, so to speak. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy sharing it. MSFS Like you've never seen Full Ultra, Terrain and Objects LOD 9.00 - YouTube I hope there are others having a similar, and most wonderful experience. Thanks for your time

EDIT: This vid was done at 130 resolution scale. Will have to update as I now have it at 150

EDIT: This link goes to Adelaide at 150% resolution scale, it does end with a CTD after I land. Thank goodness those are very rare for me now MSFS Adelaide with full Ultra, LOD 9.00 Objects and Terrain - YouTube

EDIT: This is a good mix of photogrammetry with some help from Roman Designs GTA which adds some buildings, adds a high res CN tower, and skydome. It’s on a terrain LOD 7.00 Microsoft Flight Simulator Full Ultra, Ultrawide 4k. Toronto, Terrain LOD 7, Object LOD 4, RTX 3090 - YouTube

EDIT: Didn’t want to sound braggadocious, but a defo thank-you to badGamr!!! He’s one of the good ones! Was absolutely floored he hosted my vid on his site, I’m a giant fan, his channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJA1uggbAgVaINZIBM769F

EDIT: Especially if you are a newcomer, or just someone looking for an honest opinion on updates n such ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hit up badGamer’s link, the real of the real without sponsorship


Nice LOD 9.00= 1FPS on my rig :rofl: My 2060super barely does 150 on 1440p ultrawide 200 on Objects.

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This is my first hardcore rig. Always been in the lower middle grounds. Looking fwd to the next SIM update and further performance tweaks. :slight_smile: :smiley: And of course, thank you!!!

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Not fully sure what to expect from SU5 besides from what I saw but hoping I can ramp the Terrain LOD up to 200.Normally would run it at 200 if I am going above 10000ft but my expectations are low. My GPU is already maxed out when pushing stuff to the right.

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Considering we are getting performance improvements towards CPU usage, I would say that a LOD increase would be fair. LOD is mostly based on CPU, but does also tax the GPU. RAM usage also goes through the roof

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Yep in my case it adds a lot of stress to the GPU and correct it chews your RAM . My 10700k usage remains quite low. If I decide to lower to 1080p its a 20-30fps bump in frames but only in rural areas introducing stutters.

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How are you getting lod at 9

I run at maximum in game settings, but my buildings all look melted

I have a powerful system

Ryzen 5900x
Rtx 3090
64GB ram @ 36000

I notice my vram useage over London is at 18GB


In my experience so far, I find that flying in the morning or late at night can greatly help with stuttering. I also will suffer them if I fly during heavy server usage times.

If you go to your MSFS install DIR and look for UserCfg.opt you will see your settings there. Try to increase LOD slowly from 2.00, 64GB of RAM is key and you have it. You can also adjust AA beyond 3 and reflections, but doing so will tax your 3090. I used to play with those but wanted no melt, and full on LODS


Could you DM me or post the edited part of cfg here? I’m guessing you change permissions to read only aswell to stop game overriding them?

You only have to change this to “read only” if you adjust anything other than LODs past in game settings


Thanks I will try tomorrow evening when I’m home from work

Kind regards

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Happy to help!!! You can defo push this SIM further with your rig. You will not get that close to or just past 60fps, but 30fps and no melt is awesomesauce

EDIT: Anything LOD 5.00 and past is whole new MSFS territory. Looks stellar


What’s your fps with this settings? Just curious how 3090 is performing)
Oh and what about resolution?

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I lock it at 30fps and mostly achieve that. I have an ultrawide at 1440p, with res scale at 1.5 I am pushing beyond 4k. Limited there only by my monitor. Also I have High Quality textures set in Nvidia Control Panel for MSFS

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The melt you are referring to is the photogrammetry melt? 5950X + 3090FE here but only 32GB of RAM so hoping next patch means I can tweak as above!

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Yes sir you are right, photogrammetry melt. With RAM performance and CPU tweaks in the next patch you might be in business. I have used as much as 40GB with MSFS alone in high LODs

managed to get on and try now, will update you on results!

kind regards

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Looking fwd to your results!!!

Very Intresting. Thanks…I look forward to tweaking :slight_smile:

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