The sim has NEVER looked and performed so well

wow- 5900x and RTX 3080 - powerhouse PC and ‘was’ only doing 36 fps??? I’d be very concerned. This is the big issue with MSFS - it’s so incredibly beautiful and real-looking… and yet performance is a struggle unless you have the big dollars to invest in latest/greatest hardware. At some point one considers taking one’s wagon and heading home :frowning:

You ‘were running’ at about the level of the XBox Series X… (4k 30fps) and a bit more invested than $499 (MSRP) ‘if you can find one’. Of course the 3080 is about in the same boat (hard to find at MSRP). This latest update totally borked my lower-end ASUS ROG gaming laptop in MSFS. It won’t run, all controllers are inop and it freezes up hard. Intel i7 7700HQ CPU / NVidia 1050Ti GPU / 16 GB ram / 500GB NVme Drive - Controllers Airbus TCA TQ and seperate Joystick, Logitech Pro Rudder Pedals.

So true!!

the update is a disaster for hardcore pc gamer’s


That’s a beautiful screenshot!

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I fly with trackir it was so good now pop up fest

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It is not mine though! It was taken by this steam user today: Steam Community :: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Well… I'm so super impressed with MSFS! Ever been curious about what the full potential of graphics looks like? LOD 9.00s No Photogrammetry melt as far as the eye can see This was pre SU5. I’m unplayable currently. But… I am patient and look fwd to a hotfix. :slight_smile: Hopefully this thread keeps on track, and doesn’t get bombed. I can’t imagine what kind of fps I’ll get once I can utilize this update

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The thought had occurred to me. Maybe it’s a cost thing.

Then by all means, everyone should play the sim they like the most, not all of them work great for everyone, I for once can’t play P3D because of crashes

I’m massively limited by main thread now (ryzen 5 3400g CPU) more than before. FPS is same or worse than before. Anyone know how to fix it as everyone else seems to have improved FPS

I wish I could play the sim I like the most, MSFS. But unfortunately, due to MS failing to provide a reliable product, I’m forced to switch to another simulator for now. Hopefully MS will release an update soon and once again earn my dollar.

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Fully maxed out, lol…

I’ll make a video, give me a second.


No idea man, I am using a very similar CPU (ryzen 5 3600) and it works great here, I am guessing since the amount of changes was so huge they will need to hotfix the hell out of this megapatch

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That is not fully maxed out, this is fully maxed out in the current build:

If you are getting those graphics with everything on ultra you have a problem with the installation or bing data


NICE!!! Great to see!!

I can only really use medium settings. What settings can you use. If I’m struggling this much on medium settings is it likely to be a settings issue rather than hardware?

Mind sharing a screenshot of this area? Start around the red X and look to the northwest.

When I am low and near it’s fine but high and far it’s pretty bad.

To those enjoying the sim with SU5, i really wonder and would like to say the same but…
claiming it never looked better or ran better seems very far fetched regarding the issues that are there

here’s a list, there might be older posts but sadly they’re still relevant and if you can, those of you claiming what the thread title says, show it here how you either fixed it or how you’re not affected.

  • Toggle to mouse view, adjust the seating position via the arrow keys and the mouse will jump to the upper left corner. disappear

  • mouse movement is smoothed out, ending up in sporadic slowdowns and spinups especially while moving slow

  • Heavy stuttering panning or using TrackIR/OpenTrack
  • occlusion culling is slow so that objects and trees pop in only after looking in the direction for 1-3 seconds.
  • “Tree draw distance to the horizon” - stright up a lie. (you can only and almost archive this with setting LOD 400-600 via config)
  • No option to change weather inflight: precipitation, aerosol density, temperatur, qnh…

  • massive amount of floating lights (for example at LOWI)

  • Textures of completely different kind loading in flying lower then 1300ft at certain locations
  • Textures at high altitudes (airliners fltlvl) become a blurry mess, where differently to earlier gameversions, no object or even photogrammety is shown anymore.
  • FBW A32XN (ingame marketplace) all buttons blinking

  • GA Aircraft AP sporadically breaks makeing the airplane bank hard into the ground.


Doesn’t happen to me

Doesn’t happen to me

I’ve seen it, but it doesn’t bother me, and in real flying where you are concentrating on what you are doing, you don’t notice it it anyway

Straight up the truth

And yet there is

Not that I’ve noticed, but never been to LOWI :grin:

Also not noticed

Definitely not noticed this, and I;ve looked. Genuinely no idea what people are going on about with this.

Not an Asobo problem or a base sim problem (marketplace or no marketplace, it’s still 3rd party)

I’ve flowen 85,000 around the world and not had this issue once, all in GA aircraft

I think a lot of this falls into the “I’m sure I can find a bug here if I look hard enough and I so want to have a rant” category


pretty much the opposite of proof what you’re coming up with here.

it does happen to you, since it is engine bound and can’t be disabled.

try actually looking at the screenshots.

that’s why you should “fly” there before answering here


well that is sadly just utterly ignorant, as if anyone would make up AP not working

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I think layout-wise & visually the world has improved in Fs…Got the feeling also map accuracy & sense of scale in some places. Few bugs but few things breaking is always the case with big changes…performance feels better so far yesh

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