Graphics setting with excellent results in 2560x1440


Yet another settings suggestion, this is working awesome for me, 2560x1440 using Nvidia control panel also with settings and 50 FPS limit. The results are pretty good looking, and most importantly to me VERY LITTLE STUTTER and FPS averaging 45-50. I ALSO TESTED THIS BY SETTING TO 1920X1080, AND SEEMS TO WORK JUST AS WELL, but maybe a little more “jaggy”.

First my rig
64G Ram
2560 capable 27 inch monitor at 144hz display port (but also tested on HDMI 4k TV

So with these settings I am able to achieve pretty steady 50fps, tested it in NY (it varies a bit there) but also tested a lot of other places and in heavy weather trying to break it, it REALLY wants to run at 50 fps, and the main point for me is it’s ALMOST STUTTER FREE. In less populated areas, I can even get it to run steady in the green 60 fps.

Most testing done 3,000 ft and below to stress it.

Basically I decided to play with the GeForce Experience settings because there were so many. The base set I used was I think the GeForce Experience 2560X1440 optimized 1 click below the full quality setting in GeForce experience.

Also the biggest part is also the Nvidia panel settings, which I also included here. This seems to have an effect, so if your rig doesn’t like the 50 fps limit, set it at 40 there and try that. The main thing I get out of it again is mostly stutter free. This setting also offers (to me at least) not a huge amount of scenery pops, and the draw distance is to my liking. To me, it looks great, and smooth for the most part. It will drop on occasion but doesn’t seem to last but a second or two. Your mileage may vary, and I took 1440k res videos and uploaded. Every now and again there is a lag, but it seems to be the recording software which was Nvidia recording. Below the described video and links are the screenshots of the settings. Interested in others thoughts.

Make sure you are watching these in Youtube at the 1440 setting.

NYC night multiplayer. Not the best, but wanted to throw a night shot in crowed area in there (it struggles a little, but it’s NYC)

NYC evening single player. Again, it struggles a bit, but it’s NYC)

Eagle Colorado with full snow on to test weather effects. Weather doesn’t phase it a bit (again, occasion freeze is recording software)

JFK heavy rain and lightning. JFK and the rain to cause about a 10 fps hit. but again, when it’s running, little stutter)


Eagle Colorado. Probably the best example of fairly sparse area, where I and many probably do a lot of our flying. It loves it here

Richmond Virginia area, for this one I set the fps at 60 in the Nvidia control panel, most interesting yet. Getting 60 fps for the most part and track IR is almost flawless. again, the occasion quick freeze is the recording software.

Full flight from Norfolk to Richmond set at 60 FPS in the NVIDIA control panel, including a top down view of busch gardens. Again, it really like the 60 FPS in this case

Now the settings. Very important, first as shown NO AI AIRCRAFT. Turn it to real world aicraft. AI Aircraft cause about a 10-15 FPS HIT. Also, set to use the Nvidia control panel settings


Thank you for sharing this info…

Quick question, in Nvidia Control Panel, how did you set flightsimulator.exe specific controls? Every time I try to add it under Program Settings, it says I don’t have permission.

I think I found it, by unchecking “find games on this computer”… but how do I know which Flight Sim is the correct one?

Screenshot 2020-09-20 110618

I think with a rig like yours you should be able to push some graphic settings higher.Most of the stuff like contact shadows, reflections,AO,light shafts,WE have very minor impact on performance especially on a gpu like a 2080.
The settings with the highest impact are the LOD settings.

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For those looking for additional help, this video is really useful to highlight which settings are most/least expensive and how you can manipulate the render scaling to your benefit

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It should be the flightsimulator.exe, and you have to make sure you set your “permissions” in windows to let yourself have access that folder. That’s a windows thing and you can google that.

yep, figured it out. Thanks! I set most of my settings back to ultra – I did gain some FPS, but it just didn’t look as good as I previously had… I did use your nvidia control panel settings tho!

Great post - I have a 2080 Super, on a 3840 x 1600 res 38" widescreen. 34ram (ram REALLY matters with FSM, as you all prob know). Can you recommend whether the above settings would work here? Thanks : )

Much thanks, I went from 24 to 40 on FR. I have a GTX 1080, want to upgrade one day.

I tried it in many resolutions, and it seemed to be good on all as far as lack of stuttering, however the FPS will drop, but I think still reasonable.

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Good to hear. In general, i’ve heard it said many times back when Xp-11 was an issue with framerates / stuttering, that 30 FPS is about a minimum you want from a flight sim, and generally you are probably going to have a better experience based on how you like things running higher def at 35-50 rather than 2k at 55-60. To each his own. I like being up around 60 when possible because (and others argue this) the lower the frame rate the more my trackir seems to “motion blur”. Trackir is still smooth, but there is what I define as a “motion blur” when looking around at lower FPS.

Just discovered what a great effect the max fps setting has in the nvidia control panel on my own and came here to post about it only to find this topic about the same thing. I actually set mine to 35fps and it’s fantastic, smooth as silk even in complex areas or airports. Even with my stock gtx1080, I was getting 45-50 fps everywhere on 1440p on ultra settings (except big cities) but, with micro stutters and the occasional big drop when something was loading in. Without limiting fps, my CPU (10600k) was at ~50% and 1080 was pegged at 99% all the time. Now I’m at 20-25% CPU and 75-80% GPU, I think having the extra headroom is letting background things load in without affecting the fps. Highly recommend everyone try this! Don’t use vsync with this… or ever.

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Thanks and welcome, I will try that

Awesome. Finally tried this after realizing setting the res on the sim doesn’t really change much. Changed the monitor’s resolution, some adjustments and its better. The cockpit panel names/numbers are harder to read but performance is better. Thanks!

Thanks for the tip.
Limiting max frame through the nvidia display app worked well but the settings recommended by nvidia experience were too conservative.