Graphis downgrade-Could it be a sever thing?

Hi folks

After numerous topics about graphic downgrades after the recent patch I like to throw my 2 cents into the ring^^

I´m german,and my homebase is in the rhein main area. We have a good bandwidth here with 50mb-1Gig. So I´ve set my bandwidth ingame to unlimited. I play in Full HD, settings in the sim are high, terrain lev.of Detail is 200.

Here are some ingame shots. The first 3 are from Bremen, Germany at 3000ft. As you can see, everything looks chrisp and detailed.LOD radius is ok so far. Same for texture res. I can hold this level of detail in nearly every part of Europe.
The last 3 shots are from a short hop from Tacoma to Portland US at around 2000ft. The difference is like night and day! The immages reminds me more at FSX,10 years ago. And this is for 80-90% of the US. No matter if East or Westcoast.

Question: could it be a server issue or limitation on microsoft´s end? Did the server(s) change when I go from Europe to another continent?



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LOD problems - Trees, water - #360 by ClayishCoast9

You are gonna pull your hair out after this

To your question, i dont think its issue but issued by asobo intentionally

While not the same location, I can absolutely feel a massive reduction in graphic quality from this new patch,

Performance improvements aren’t really improvements if the cost is looking like a dogs breakfast, honestly it now feels like FSX 1.01, would be lovely to have the option of not updating.


Yeah, so that last image with the spiky photogrammetry is what I have seen at all times in this Sim. I have flown all over North America, not at all in Europe. I guess it is time for a Euro Tour. Cool.

LoL. This was the reason to start this thread :laughing: But great entertaining over there,that´s for sure…

I am guessing the difference in REGION if not caused by the patch is caused in the different satellites being used too image and and different atmospheric conditions and the game interpretation of different lighting. Different time of year etc etc.

Before the latest patch, I’ve tried different US locations and Europe, GA
They were all the same. Nice. Beautiful.
Now, everything looks poor


Ok. But it doesen´t explains the low texture resolution, the pop up buildings and the general very low LOD radius I got when I fly outside Europe. The horrible spikes seems more like a photogrammetrie limitation to me.

I´m still not sure if the server location can cause some of the issues we have now.

I flew a couple of hours today between cape may nj, Philadelphia and Manhattan ny. All looked great

It’s either the servers, or they watered down the graphics to reduce GPU/CPU loads and didn’t tell us. I think it’s the first one but you never know.

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My thought is the some regional servers might have had bandwidth limits lowered to allow for more connections. This might be a workaround attempt to make connections more stable.
But then I don’t work for Microsoft or Asobo or Xbox.

They shouldn’t advertise it with such a nice graphics, and after 1 million users , reduce the graphics
That’s ridiculous


Wild. I literally have that spiky melted look at all major cities. I don’t get it… Ryzen 5 3600, RX5700XT, 32gb ram, 100MBPS internet.

I fly mainly G.A aircraft in the Pacific North West of the US. The LOD detail you show in your last three screenshots are how that area has been since launch. It doesn’t change no matter how much you change the terrain level of detail. I had noticed the one time I flew in Japan things looked much better and was confused as to why. I’m still confused, but it is nice to know that it isn’t a problem local to my machine.

Since Patch #2, London looks like Lego Land.


Yeap downgrade for sure now looks like fsx with orbx scenery specially the water quality wao downgrade for sure scenery loading very slow

Is this a verified fix ? Did it work for you or others or is this just a guess ?