Grass behaving like water (!)

have you noticed that? when starting on grass runway grass seems moving like unrealistic water waves

Are you talking about the wind animation on the grass? Wind does actually cause the grass to ripple “like water waves”.

Is there something wrong with the wind ripples themselves?

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Hi I mean when terrain is close to the sea, the grass moves strangely like the water does but I suppose this will be fixed

It would be nice to have a location of where this is suppose to happen. Never seen grass moving like you describe.

yes sorry I tried to post a video but they woukldn t take it; anyway take off from PAUA with live weather

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Thanks, i’ll check it out later today… If I know what your weather situation was, live then isn’t same now. :slight_smile:

I had an around 44 west wind no precipitation
what I mean is it doesn t look like the video above it s more like if the ground is moving as well just like water waves

Just checked and didn’t see waves motion on grass, but the scenery data looks pretty bad. I also had big frame drops 60fps to 30 when the only thing around was few trees and a shed… Lets hope tommorows update make things better. If not, it’s best to make a Zendesk report.

yes thanks let’s hope it will be fixed :slight_smile:
thanks for your replies

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No problem… Did you have frame drops also in the area?

no I have not just the grass behaving stangely

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I think I see what you’re talking about. I went to PAUA and manually set the wind to 45 knots and then 150 knots. But these issues are apparent anywhere with enough wind.

The grass is not a nice organic shape, but a straight spike. In spots the wind animation causes the grass to disappear into the ground, and then it stiffly erects itself as if the ground is terrified and has goose bumps. It’s kind of a clunky, mechanical animation and you have to use your imagination to believe it’s grass in the wind.

At times it does give the strong illusion that the entire ground is heaving up and down like a swell on the sea. That is definitely distracting.

The bigger issue I found is with the trees, however. They don’t bend in the wind, they rotate. And the center of rotation isn’t at the trunk base where it meets the ground, but midway up the tree. When the wind is extremely high, the bottom of the trunk swings about wildly as if it’s not attached to the ground at all, but is a cartoon pinwheel or like it’s dancing. It looks super super fake.

“iT’s fLiGHt siMuLaTor nOt tREE sImuLaTor”

It’s like this got an extremely simplistic, rough treatment. It’s probably too expensive to actually “bend” the plants, though you could certainly do it with modern graphics. But there little things that would make this so much better. Just doing something else like shearing the plants, so the base is rooted to the ground, might give a way more convincing animation and is not an expensive transformation graphics wise.

Thanks for the exponation I think yhey have bigger fish to fry now with all issues that need to be fixed