Grass Strips Seems Different Now

It seems to me that the grass strips have changed with the updates. When the sim first released, the strips looked like strips. They were well defined and you can see them from far off. Now most of them appear as a flat parking lot type of strip and not defined at all.

Has anyone noticed this difference?

Thank you

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I don’t think I tried any grass strips in the MSFS early days… but I tried a few recently and they were very hard to detect. At least one, LFNS (Sisteron, France) is really hard to detect althought there is a slight difference in the way the grass looks. FWIW, in X-Plane, LFNS is a lot easier to see.

Maybe this is just a specific case, I don’t know.

And the grass is not even mowed.

Nah, it’s a general thing, and in my experience it hasn’t changed noticeably since release.

Unless it’s a graphical setting thing. I have my grass settings on high, but most of the strips just look like wide football fields. You can barely make out the runway on some of them.


Most now look like wide paddocks. Disappointing. :pensive:

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I agree with all of this. No matter what setting you have the grass strips are invisible or indiscernible from the surrounding area. Even the 3rd party ones can be hard to spot. It really seems MSFS could do so much better at this. I have only tried using them in North America - is it the same in the UK and elsewhere?

I’ve seen no difference in the nearly-invisible grass airstrips since I started flying in November. They’ve been consistently hard to see.

You know, in reality it also can be very hard to spot where the grass strip is. I know a lot of incidents where pilots flying to a new location ask by radio where the strip is, after flying directly over the place.


I agree with this but, when the sim first launched, we had nice looking strips. Now you can barely see the runway strips. They look like (as stated above) “wide paddocks”.


In reality you first look for parked airplanes. Gliders are easy to detect. If there are, you will find hangars, usually in the direction of the airstripe. If you ar lucky, you detect white plasticboxes or similar things along the sides of the grassrunway. You have to fly over the field, right angle to the runway, about 500 ft higher than downwind altitude. So you detect the sign giving you the direction of the runway in use.
You descend to downwind altitude and turn into downwind.


Most grass strips here in New Zealand either have gable markers, or even white painted old car tyres.
Not camouflaged like those in FS2020.

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The only changes I’ve seen to grass strips are due to the updated satellite imagery from the World Updates. If they’re from a different time of year, the strips can look different. Most of them are indeed very difficult to see.

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