Greased achievement broken

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Did all landing challenges. Achievement still locked. In-game tracker, Xbox tracker, and reported landing challenges in pilot journal page are all inconsistent.

Rebooted and redid most of them and progress didn’t budge.

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Xbox tracker says 87% complete.

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No friggin idea. Did all the challenges (including DLC ones) with varying ratings, and tracking stats are off.

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Xbox Series X.

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xbox x. Not sure which of the many “greased broken” threads to reply to but I’ve been stuck at 33/49 for a long time despite having completed all landings.

I redid some landings and it did increase slightly to 36/49, but then just noticed it reset back to 33/49 for no reason (no updates or anything). Xbox tracker says I’m 79% complete but 33/49 is 67%. Still seems very broken.

Similar issue here.

AFAICT it’s tied to the « Logbook not saving all flights » issue.

As long as the Logbook remains glitchy, this will be very hard to obtain (it’s possible by redoing all events until they register).

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