Great Bieszczady Loop (Poland) {Mountain Towns, National Park, 10+ BTR POIs}


We’re heading to Poland this week for a trip on the Great Bieszczady Loop Road. Should be a relaxing flight along the mountain valleys and over the local towns.

See you there!

P.s. Due to the Xbox issues with WU9, we’ll do an Italy/Malta trip sometime soon.

Server: West USA
Settings: All Players, No Traffic
Discord: Discord
Suggested Add-Ons:

Flight Plan: GreatBieszczadyLoop.pln (6.4 KB)

Airplane: Savage Cub (or other plane flying ~90kts)
Weather: Few Clouds, or live weather if it looks good
Snow: Snow is a fun addition to this flight, and I found somewhere between 4 inches and 0.84 (~2cm) worked well. But I ended up turning it off for most of the flight, since the ground colors are so pretty.
Liftoff Time in Sim Time: 3:30pm (1:30pm UTC)
Rough flight path: EPLA (runway 05) → EPPF @ ~3500’