Great Britain update

In the new Great Britain update, London looks ■■■■. I uninstalled it again and reinstalled orbex!

Orbx has provided an update to their London Landmarks for the new photogrammetry but I don’t think this has made it to the marketplace yet.

Some buildings in the London photogrammetry do look a little rough but it’s incredible how the feel of London suburbs have been captured and you have to land a little GA plane on The Mall and scooter on up to Buckingham Palace - that’s a great feeling.

As a Londoner, this is definitely a keeper and I’m sure the rough edges will get improved over time.

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  • grabing popcorn *

POI in London are not photogrammetry but custom models, same as Orbx but some had a conflict with eachothers models.

Salt or sweet?

Yeah tell that to the guy who ‘used to work’ at Barclays who is now hidding in a bomb shelter in Hackney! :joy:

Dont mention the war. :grimacing:

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