Great news! Third party devs are given early access to sim update builds

IRIS simulations posted the following message on their FB page yesterday.

"As a marketplace partner, we’ve been given early access to the next Sim Update III, and will be testing the Jabiru in it over the weekend. Once we’ve confirmed that it’s stable in the new build, we’ll release it to the customers (ideally next week). "

Source: IRIS Simulations - Home | Facebook

Finally the third party devs are getting early access to sim update builds. We don’t have to worry about the update breaking third party products anymore. This is great news!


Great great news. They should be able to catch many bugs too, thus reducing the surprises on release day. After that, and once an open beta branch is opened to everybody (Xplane style), we should have very smooth updates


Now this is just fantastic news. Thanks for sharing. This is how it should have been from the get-go. Really glad to see the change and the increased cooperation with third parties. Thank you MSFS dev/prod team!


I see it as a double edge sword, in that the MSFS team may be more reluctant to make change to an update if a bug is found close to update release that under the currant system would be fixed but going forward may not for fear of rendering the testing that third-party devs have done on their marketplace mods moot with respect of said upcoming updates.

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Yes that is Microsoft’s plan. I hope we get access to open beta soon.


So, lets see if I have this correct.
3rd party devs get early access to updates so they can check and verify the update does not break anything, especially their 3rd party stuff they want to sell to me.
I, on the other hand, have to wait until 3rd party folks give their blessing before I get the update that is suppose to fix stuff in the CORE msfs product that I run with no 3rd party products until MS gets the core sim relatively free of needed fixes and bugs.

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If LM weren’t so arrogant and actually put this system into place thier P3D sales numbers would probably be much higher🤣
Pun very much intended…:wink:

That’s a great shout - of course in there process for validating there own aircraft they can report on any obvious and not so obvious bugs. Win win.

I remember watching the livestream where Jorg mentioned that the general users will be given early access to update builds at some point in the future. At least the third party devs have access so it is a good start.

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No, you likely don’t have it correct. Giving 3rd party developers access to builds ahead of time shouldn’t increase the development time. Typically, the way this works is, third party developers are given early access so that they may test their products against the new bits. If there are problems, the third party developer will file bugs. The only difference is that now, there is a much higher probability that any such bugs will be found before release instead of after. In all likelihood, third party developers won’t be participants in the sign-off process itself. Asobo isn’t likely going to be seeking approval from third parties to ship. Rather, they will still be making decisions based on bugs. If a ship-stopper turns up last minute, the release will be delayed regardless of whether the bug was found by Asobo or someone else. It should also be pointed out that any bugs affecting third party developers which would be classified as ship-stoppers are likely going to be core sim bugs.


You are right and I was not totally correct. It shouldn’t increase development time, unless, bugs are found by the 3rd party check that are only fixable by MS or their affiliates and cannot be remedied by the planned release date. . You are also correct concerning having to wait until the 3rd party’s give their blessing. I agree with you there too. The only thing the MSFS teams will be looking to receive from the 3rd party is to hear this release looks good or here is a list of your bugs. After all that, the MSFS team will decide to either release on schedule or delay to fix problems. I would imagine that there will be times that so-called bugs that only affect 3rd party developers could be classified as show stoppers for them but end up being a change in the core programs that they will have to develop around and adjust to because they are simply a 3rd party developer. In the end, we all look forward to each development release because the “Simulator” needs to simulate somewhat accurately.

Glad to see a person admit their mistake and not defend an error. It is so refreshing. On the othr hand people are forgetting that this is a Asobo project licensed by MS. Asobo is coming off as a very very very proud (prideful to death) company with their own agenda. When MS created FS9 and FSX they had their (MS) own department in house that was dedicated to flight sim ONLY. Asobo is a software company with many projects on many platforms at the same time. Their focus is somewaht spilt. Ergo the problem this SIM is having. Such a BIG problem with a small group of programers trying to out do a large corp operation like MS had for flight simulator.


Great news… but what about us? I want to be an insider so I can get early access to these updates and report bugs that I found early so the general public don’t have to.

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As others have pointed out, I see this as Asobo saying here it is, test it and see how your addon is compatible with OUR update, and make amendments as necessary so that its functioning as you intend it to with the new build on release. I see the onus on the 3rd party devs to change, rather than the core simulator being changed to meet their needs. Tail wagging the dog and all that.

Of course it there was a ‘show stopper’ for example and this was seen to affect the whole sim , including one without addons, then you would expect Asobo to yank on the handbrake in that situation and delay until sorted.

Hello I hope to see quickly your work on free airplanes!Good luck

good news, but dont expect a company ala carenado to test all their products every
simupdate !!

Howse about some early access to the guys at AIG who do fantastic work so that our simulation experience isn’t all hum-drum. maybe p3dv6 will come out soon and we can all go back for some real flying or in my case…planespotting :slight_smile:


You might want to change the title of this post to: “Some third party”.

I’ve just watched the Q&A and people saying in the chat AIG has been sending many emails to and never got any answer back…

It looks like marketplace partners are getting access to sim update builds. But everyone else including the gamers should be getting beta access soon based on what Jorg said in Q&A.

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