Green color of the landscape with oversaturation

A help please.
I have not found a solution to the green saturation problem with the Oculus rift S. The green color stands out above the whole landscape, with an oversaturation tone. And the different shades of the green range are very bright. Any solution? Thanks and regards.

It’s not just you. I’ve also noticed what I call the “neon” green colors in some landscapes in my Reverb G2 headset, so it might not be a particular VR issue. It looks very unnatural to me but then I don’t know all that much about geology, or world flora.

What bothers me is that the green ranges are very strong, and it only happens in this color with the Oculus Rift S. and I don’t dare to touch the configuration of the graphics in Oculus Rift.
I have been told to go into Nvida Settings, but I don’t dare.

I am not getting any such issue with the Rift S. I stopped using OTT or any other 3rd party tweaks, only straight oculus app and settings within MFS.

There are some areas in FS that have greener satellite textures ( with a slight green tint), like suburbs of Chicago. So make sure they are not overly green in 2D also.

I had some weird tinting issues when looking through the windshield of the Carenado Arrow. So make sure it is not a 3rd party aircraft windshield issue causing such a tint

The Cessna Longitude’s canopy window tint actually darkens and balances out the scenery view.
The darker look over the scenery gives the terrain more 3d like depth and character especially when hilly terrain and trees are hit by cloud shadows.
That’s why I love flying the Longitude.

This is how I see the green range with the Oculus Rift S

My Rift S image isn’t anywhere near as green

Provide Color Space, Tone Mapping, CAS Shader Strength and post-processing effects controls in VR

I’m not even sure they are actually using the extension which is meant specifically for this:

Thanks for the answer, I will try to make the color corrections, although I see it somewhat complicated.
I have already tried with the Armory Create option that comes in the Asus laptop, but it has not worked.

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