Green tinge, flickering and artifacts Nvidia RTX2080ti (11gb) - Thermal Issue?

Hello Folks,

Pulling my hair out trying to help the kids. The sim was looking great up until Update 3 - I have screengrabs that are okay - not completely sure if it was immediate or could be due to Nvidia drivers around the same time.

I’ve put some screengrabs below … generally lots of greens, purples, flickering and shiny artefacts in the sky. Plus vertical ‘poles’ sticking up. Other games / sims are okay.

  • I’ve completely removed the drivers and re-installed on numerous occasions

  • Gone back to 460.79 and 461.92 and others in between

  • Removed the cards, tried in various slots and combinations. Temps and fans seems okay.

  • Downloaded and re-installed the game 2 or 3 times now

  • Finally in desperation … I’ve wiped their PC and re-installed Windows and MSFS completely fresh plus Nvidia 471.11 and its a little smoother but still green and stuttering. Generally, run around High settings.

Just wondering if anyone in the community has solved something like this - fingers crossed for a magic setting suggestion - but I’m wondering if I should try a RMA on the card. I have seen some internet articles about poor thermal paste.

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I’ve sat through about two week’s worth of downloads now :cry:

Thank you very much.

Nvidia RTX2080TI 11GB and Nvidia RTX980TI 6GB (Power supply is okay)
STRIX Z270H i7-7700 4.2GHZ 48GB RAM

have you tried with an empty communityfolder?
this sure looks weird.

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Tested completely empty. Thanks

Looks like daytime Aurora!

Have you tried using one GPU at a time, and play with only that one? If it looks like this with the 2080 Ti but not the 980 Ti then the GPU is almost certainly to blame.

Also, what about other games (that are also graphically demanding)?


Thanks, I think you’ve just confirmed my thoughts that it is the card. The kids are normally on FS and have put up with these graphics for a few months. TrainSim is okay for them as well. However, Fortnite is dreadful and failing with DX11 errors as is Civ 6.

Didn’t do anything fancy, have plugged the monitor into the 980TI and the games are all working fine with the quality dialled down a little.

The approach to Llanada Grande is looking less green :grinning:. I suspected that this was the case but I was holding out for a magic idea from some one. Will try raising a RMA with ASUS ROG, the 2080 should still be in warranty.

Best Wishes

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Just as a quick update … Asus / ROG support have confirmed a hardware failure. So, managed to return to the shop for a Credit Note / Gift Card. Just need to wait on cards coming into stock. Suspect it will be a long wait.

Really glad to hear the issue is resolved