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The Aspect Tamar Valley Resort in Grindelwald. Located in Tasmania’s North. This spectacular Mock Swiss Village is one of Tasmania’s famous tourist attractions and a must for visitors to our great state of Australia.
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LOL, im from Switzerland and i did not even know such a thing exists, nice! :smiley:


Thanks HXArdito :slight_smile:
Here is a snip from their website

The town’s construction began in 1980 around an artificial lake. It is truly a unique residential development, with houses built in Swiss style and creating a dreamlike ambiance throughout the entire village. Houses have the authentic features of true Swiss chalets and visitors feel as though they are transported to Switzerland! The settlement is surrounded by glassy lakes and views of the Tamar Valley.
On the edge of the town is the 40 hectare Tamar Valley Resort, which opened in 1989 and shares the Swiss architectural style.

Tasmania is a beautiful place and contains a diverse culture of mainly European settlers. The Tamar Valley, although nothing like the Swiss Alps has it’s own beauty and the Town of Grindelwald brings some of that beautiful Swiss architecture to a place where we can appreciate it.
PS I’ve been to Switzerland in my younger days and adored it’s beauty. Hence the reason I wanted it on MSFS here in Tasmania :wink:

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Must get back down to the two headed state​:wink:…once we are allowed to travel…:thinking:…haven’t been there for years….beaut food, beer and scenery.

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LOL! We have been lucky to date. One day we will open up to the rest of the world. In the meantime. Explore, Enjoy! Come and see what you are missing! Happy flying :wink:

Did they built a mock Eiger too?

Just kidding.

Nicely modeled.


Many thanks SH2873! Would love the build the Eiger, but not sure if we have enough real-estate for the mountain base. Although we do have some beautiful snow capped mountains.

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How does the Bronze membership work? In case I don’t like it: can I cancel it whenever I want, or do I have to pay for a certain period?

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Hi Archer
Thanks for the enquiry. Bronze membership is loyalty system. As a member you will receive the Bronze scenery as freeware. We generally turn out one or more products per month, depending on complexity. It can be cancelled at any time, however we trust that you will stay with us. We also offer members the opportunity to request scenery. Requests are queued on a priority basis and will become part of the Bronze Scenery :slight_smile:
I hope that helps


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Thanks. It does. :slight_smile:

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